Mother asks if her 15-year-old child is past the age limit for trick or treating

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  • The tradition of trick or treating is one that had a long history and is enjoyed by children across the UK every Halloween.

    But would you feel as comfortable if you had to open the door on a dark October night to three teenagers?

    A concerned mum has posed the question whether or not her daughter is too old – at the age of 15 – to indulge in the tradition.

    Posting under the name of Flulffsparks on parenting forum Mumsnet, she wrote: ’15yo DD (darling daughter) has planned a whole route with her friends.’

    She explained that they knew to only knock on the houses with pumpkins, and will properly dressing up.

    ‘I’ve said to her I think she’s too old, but she would be missing out on a chance to socialise with her (very sensible) friends. I suppose this is a sort of wwyd (what would you do)?’

    It didn’t take long before fellow mums offered her advice, with many agreeing that 15 was in fact too old for trick or treating.

    One posted: ’15 way too old IMO (in my opinion). Ours stopped well before going to High School.’

    ‘It’s for the younger children around here. i don’t know what teens get out of it, they would be better off having a Halloween party than knocking on people’s doors for sweets at that age. (sic),’ said another.

    ‘Anything past primary age is too old. All the primary kids round here do trick or treat, but are supervised,’ a third added, before adding: ‘There’s always a few teenagers trying their luck though, and they always ask for money.’

    Another user agreed: ‘I’d worry that they’d be up to no good or looking for money. Honestly I don’t think I’d let her.’

    For many mothers their main concern was that a group of teenagers may upset elderly residents.

    ‘My elderly DM (darling mother) was terrified last year when groups of teens banged on the door demanding money. This year I have advised her to go out …’ one admitted.

    It was at this point that the original poster took the opportunity to reassure people that her daughter wouldn’t be badly behaved.

    ‘They are a group of 4 very sweet girls and would not be asking for money/banging doors/pushing LOs (little ones) or anything like that (known all of them for years and am very very sure of this) but I know that the size of them could potentially bother people… ‘

    And at the opposite end of the spectrum, there were several mothers who agreed that the teenager should be allowed to join her pals in the tradition.

    ‘I happily give out sweets to the 15+ year olds that visit us,’ said one. ‘As long as they’re friendly and polite (which they all are that come here), then I just think it’s lovely they’re still happy to do this.’

    ‘As long as they are polite, respectful, dressed up and are happy to have sweets, not money, then what’s the harm?’

    What do you think? How old is TOO old for trick or treating? Let us know in the comments box below.

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