‘It is a horrible thing to do’ – Mum who admits swearing behind child’s back causes debate

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  • A mum confessed to occasionally giving her child 'the middle finger' when she is being particularly irritating, and it's shocked several other parents.

    We get it, you love your little one with all your heart but that doesn’t stop them irritating the hell out of you at times.

    When one mum confessed on Mumsnet how she sometimes copes with this fury, she came under-fire from other parents who claimed that her behaviour was horrible and unacceptable.

    The mum who sparked the debate wrote in the ‘Am I being Unreasonable’ forum: that she has been known to ‘…sometimes give toddler DD (Darling Daughter) the finger behind her back?’

    She explained: ‘She definitely doesn’t see and it makes me feel better and is always at home, not out and about etc. My DSis (Darling Son) thinks it’s appalling.’

    Several users were outraged at the idea and didn’t hold back on their criticisms. One person said: ‘It’s a horrible thing to do to anyone let alone a toddler 😕’.

    Another wrote: ‘Whether they see or not it is a horrible thing to do and you should be ashamed of yourself.’

    A third commented: ‘It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to be totally honest with you, although I’m probably unreasonable.’

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    What do you think of the mum’s confession? 

    While some parents said they didn’t do the exact same thing, they could relate to it and shared their own coping techniques. One person wrote: ‘You’ll get lots of pearl clutches on this. Just to warn you. I don’t do it, but can understand it. It’s a bit like the “oh FFS, what now” I do under my breath when DS calls me for the millionth time whilst I’m putting washing away.’

    A second person explained: ‘I so nearly did this today, but managed not to, it weirdly felt like it would be crossing a line.’

    Another said: ‘I’m sure loads of people will be here soon to tell you that it’s wrong but I’ve done It, I’ve also muttered f*** off to myself when my DD is banging on the bathroom door for the millionth time that day. I’ve never said/done anything to her face but sometimes it just helps to get the frustration out.’

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