'I am beyond angry' Mum reveals rage after mother-in-law cuts daughter's hair without permission

'It's gone from being long, blonde, beautiful waves to a shoulder length bob.'

A mum has sparked debate online after revealing her anger to find that her mother-in-law had cut her daughter's hair without permission.

The mum, known only as Pandapanda1, took to Mumsnet to explain the situation in which she claimed her six-year-old daughter's hair had been significantly cut without her say so.

The forum user recalled how the previous week her daughter had been sent home from school ill, being picked up by her dad and then babysat by her grandmother.

'My DC spend every Thursday and every other weekend at my ex's house. Last Thursday school rang my ex to say dd (6) was ill and to come collect her as it was his usual day.

'He then dropped dd at his mums until he'd finished work. Then the dc spent the weekend with their dad and I collected them from school yesterday.'

The mum continued to reveal that whilst being looked after by her grandmother, her daughter's hair had been cut quite drastically, turning her 'long, blonde, beautiful waves' to a 'shoulder length bob'.

'On Thursday when mil was looking after dd, mil took it upon herself to cut all dd's hair off. And give her a fringe!!!

'It's gone from being long, blonde, beautiful waves to a shoulder length bob.'

Pandapanda1 expressed how annoyed she was about the haircut, but said that her ex and his mother thought she was over-reacting, before asking other forum members their thoughts.

'I am beyond angry. I've had no explanation from mil or ex who both appear to think I am overreacting.

'What would you do?'

Several forum users rushed to support Pandapanda1, claiming that they too would be 'fuming'.

One forum user said, 'I would be fuming but nothing I could do. It's done, the hair will grow back and I would tell them never to do it again.'

A second added, 'You are not being unreasonable. It's a significant change. At her age, it should be a joint decision between parents. I'd be apoplectic with rage!'

A third mum agreed, 'Should have asked you first!!! Can't believe someone would do that without asking even if DD insisted hmm.'

But others felt her reaction was over the top, insisting that hair grows back and it should be her daughter's decision.

One forum user said, 'Me? Nothing unless my dd was distressed or somehow forced, or held down to have her hair cut against her will. Otherwise, it's hair, it'll grow. Interesting that you don't mention your dd's thoughts or feelings on her own hair.'

One Mumsnet user said, 'That isn't all her hair but I can see why you'd want some explanation.'

What would you do in this situation? Would you be angry that your child's hair had been cut without your permission? Let us know in the comments below!


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