‘She treats me like scum’ Mum sparks mixed reaction asking if she should kick 17-year-old daughter out

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  • A frustrated mum has asked for advice on Facebook on whether she should make her misbehaving teen daughter move out, sparking a very mixed reaction.

    The woman posted anonymously on the Facebook page ‘Mums advice’ about her 17-year-old daughter, who she’s struggling to live with.

    ‘At what age do you think it’s acceptable to tell your child to move out?’ she asked the other mums.

    ‘My eldest is 17. Goes college when chooses to, expects handouts, doesn’t help around the house, is aggressive when Confronted, smokes weed, drunks every weekend, her boyfriend is the same age but has no job or does anything with his life and thinks it’s ok to be lazy.

    ‘She’s very lazy and when I lose my temper she gets violent and speaks to me like I’m scum.’

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    The mum also said that after losing her own mother, she feels like she has nobody to support her.

    ‘I lost my mum a few months back and now feel so lost and alone as I have no one to talk to. I’ve tried the police and social services and they were useless.’

    Finally, she ends the post by saying she’s at her wit’s end.

    ‘I’m really at the point where I could easily walk away and not care no more. I can’t talk to my dad as he’s dealing with life after losing my mum. I can’t cope any more. Please what do I do.’

    The post has had mixed reactions, with some people slamming the woman, others supporting her in her potential decision, and a few questioning the reason for the girl’s behaviour.

    ‘I don’t mean this to sound bad or anything but was she close to your mum? Could she be rebelling by way of getting her grief out?’

    ‘I think she needs a bit of tough love to be honest. She sounds spoilt. Start now. Anything she leaves out goes on her bed. Dirty washing dirty plates everything. She’ll soon learn to tidy up after herself. You’re her mother but she’s an adult now. You don’t have to care for her like she’s a child anymore,’ offered one person.

    ‘I wouldn’t kick mine out with nowhere to go, will just make her and the situation worse. Is there any other family that can take her in? There’s got to be something switched in her head? Since your mum died? Or has she always been a handful. Wrong crowd? Bad influences? Maybe try very tough love and basically house arrest her. I really feel for you but chucking her out, chances are you will loose her forever,’ said one mum.

    ‘Wow. There seems to be 2 sides in these comments, However I would do neither. I would give her the option. Sort it out or don’t and live alone. They way she is being is totally disrespectful and should I no way be allowed and molly codling her isn’t going to help her and throwing her out isn’t either. Leave the decision up to her, that way she’s made her own mind up.’

    What do you think – is she right to consider making her daughter move out, or is that too harsh? Let us know in the comments!