Mum banned from Instagram after posting ‘sexually suggestive’ Easter simnel cake

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  • A mum had her Instagram account suspended after she posted a picture of an Easter simnel cake.

    Sue Moseley was told by the social media platform that she had ‘violated’ their terms due to ‘sexually suggestive’ content.

    Daughter Fiona took to her Twitter account to vent her frustration, saying; ‘My mum’s Instagram account was suspended because she posted a pic of an Easter simnel cake! Automated censorship gone wrong. She’s gutted.’

    Fiona’s sister Jenny Moseley, who works as an Executive Pastry Chef in London, had baked the traditional cake for a family gathering over the Bank Holiday weekend.

    ‘Proud’ of her daughter’s efforts, Sue took a snap and shared it with her friends, but when she went back to her phone she had received a notification saying; ‘Your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Learn how you may be able to restore your account.’

    Instagram’s automated algorithm had detected the 12 marzipan balls – signifying Jesus and his disciples – as a female breast.

    The ‘racy’ cake bore too much of a resemblance to a female nipple, which are banned on Instagram, to be allowed.

    Sue then received a second message saying; ‘We disable accounts that post content that is sexually suggestive or contains nudity.’

    ‘We understand that people have different ideas about what’s okay to share on Instagram, but to keep Instagram safe, we require everyone to follow our guidelines.’

    Jenny told Metro online; ‘My Mum was really sad about it as she has lost all her Instagram photos and her account.’

    Fiona added; ‘She’s the loveliest person and only posts photos of her family, holidays and food and for that they’ve suspended her.’

    The family went on to start a hashtag parodying the viral #freethenipple campaign, with #freethesimnel.

    Sue’s account has since been reinstated with an official apology from the photo-sharing app but her photos have not been restored.