Mum blogger reveals the four things women SHOULDN’T wear after giving birth

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  • A mum blogger has posted a video on YouTube, advising other mums on the four things they shouldn’t be wearing after becoming a parent.

    Mummy vlogger Kristina Kuzmic created the hilarious video, which offers advice to mums everywhere on the things they shouldn’t be wearing.

    But though the title suggests that the mum-of-three is handing out fashion advice, the contents of the video is not what you’d expect.

    Kristina begins her vlog by showing off some fun outfits, including glittery high heels, a questionable blonde wig and a push up bra given a helping hand by a jar of Nutella as a filler, but her advice quickly moves on from clothing.

    Image: Kristina Kuzmic YouTube

    The mum continues to speak to the camera saying, ‘oh come on, did you really think I was going to give you a list of clothes you should stop wearing? Those lists are trash!

    Instead, Kristina explains that you should stop wearing other people’s ‘expectations of you’, leaving behind the voices that suggest ‘you’re not doing enough for your kids’.

    The four main things that Kristina suggests mums leave behind them when entering motherhood are:

    1. Other people’s expectations of you – ‘All that pressure, all that “you’re doing it wrong, you’re not doing it right, you should be doing it this way”, it’s suffocating you. Put your children’s needs and your own sanity before other people’s opinions – life changing.’

    2. Pretending you have it all together – ‘You have to live up to that whole image and persona you’ve created, so don’t fake it. Pretending is not flattering on you, do you know what’s flattering on you? Flawed.’

    3. Guilt – ‘Guilt is wrong. Now I haven’t found a way to get rid of guilt, but maybe we can just minimise it, you know, maybe wear less. Guilt sucks.’

    4. Your pride and vanity – ‘After getting peed on, pooped on and puked on before you’ve even had a cup of coffee, there’s just no room for vanity. You are going to be covered in so many bodily fluids you might as well start considering them accessories.’

    Her video has been met with praise by other mums, who have thanked her for her honesty.

    One mum commented on her YouTube video saying, ‘I wish I’d known of you years ago as a struggling single mom of 2. Doing everything I could to make sure my girls weren’t ever missing out on what their friends had – not just in material but in time and attention.

    ‘All the things you say, I’ve finally learned to embrace but it’s taken a decade. Thank you for the truths.’

    Another agreed, ‘Ahhhh… so refreshing to see another mum out there who thinks like me!’

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