Mum divides opinion with video of her breastfeeding while doing yoga

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  • A mum has split opinion on social media with a video of her breastfeeding her children while practising yoga.

    Carlee Benear, from Texas, considers herself an ‘earth mother’, often posting pictures and videos of herself doing breastfeeding yoga with her children – who are six, four and 18 months old.

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    Her breastfeeding yoga videos have attracted criticism from many people, who consider the practice to be inappropriate.

    One said: ‘This is not appropriate. I understand that she is breastfeeding her child and that’s alright but number one, she is constantly posting about it online on a website that doesn’t allow this, and number two, this child is at an age that her mother should have stopped lactating so I’m assuming she is forcing her child to suck on her boob.’

    Another said: ‘Nursing an 18 month@Old is perfectly fine turning it into an attention seeking circus act is not. Your child won’t appreciate this when they are older. Can nothing be kept simple and private? It is far more bonding and real when it is child and mother alone.’

    However, not everyone is against the practice, with many mums praising Carlee for being so open about it on social media.

    It's not everyday that I get a good length video of #breastfeedingyoga , especially not on a day that I learn a new trick (how to tuck my foot behind my head in scorpion) 🙌. She definitely doesn't make it easy. In our stage of nursing, right now, we are at all day. She wants to explore the world and figure out how things work, but needs a boob to tug, hug and plug while she soaks it all in. I'm always here to support her and , as you can see, she supports my needs too. This 18 months has been a wonderful bonding experience with her. As I sit here to write this, she is content next to me stroking my arm while I breathe through my passing thoughts. It's also not every day that we are so in sync as this 👌. Today is a special day though, we got to see an historical Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse as a family, and during that I was blessed with blood of my own. I am so honored. Everyone had energy today and we all felt drawn to connect that energy. We washed ourselves in moonlight and sunlight today. I celebrated the skin I'm in, the body of a creatrix and the heart seeds of children I birthed through the joining of two worlds. We celebrated US.

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    ‘So natural! So beautiful! Kudos to u Mama!! Anyone that thinks this is inappropriate, they have a sick and twisted mind!’, one said.

    A second wrote: ‘Absolutely beautiful and empowering. I can’t wait to do yoga with my baby. Keep it up you are a beautiful, powerful soul. ❤️💪🏻’

    Speaking about the practice, she told ‘As far as breastfeeding yoga goes, anyone who has breastfed knows that it is a 24/7 dedication.

    ‘I believe as parents it is our duty to make that time for our self because we can not pour from an empty cup.’

    She also said allowing her children to feed while she’s doing yoga has helped her recover from postpartum depression and avoid some common side effects.

    ‘Breastfeeding yoga has helped me combat postpartum depression and has made my breastfeeding journey free of any bumps in the road, such as mastitis, worry of lacking in supply, getting over those first few weeks of tenderness, let down control and the stresses of being needed around the clock – to name a few’, Carlee said.