Mum colours four-year-old daughter’s hair purple and parents are surprisingly loving it

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  • Colouring children's hair is often a controversial topic, and many parents usually get criticised on social media when they do it.

    Just last November, Jessica Simpson faced backlash from fans after they noticed her daughter’s hair looked noticeably darker as she dressed up as Disney princess Belle for Halloween.

    Instagrammer Charity Grace Le Blanc faced a similar reaction when she shared a video dying her two-year-old daughter’s hair hot pink, who slammed her for being ‘irresponsible’.

    However, when mummy blogger Mel Watts took to Instagram to show her followers a picture of her daughter’s coloured hair, the reaction was very different.

    Sharing a picture of her gorgeous four-year-old daughter Ivie – who is naturally blonde – with her new hair, Mel wrote: ‘Today we coloured her hair. She’s about as happy as a rabbit in a carrot field. She also feels like she looks like a mermaid, hence the fish lips – 🤦🏻‍♀️ “babe mermaids don’t have fish lips under the sea, that’s actual fish” …. 🧜🏼‍♀️ #nofilter her eyes are just this ridiculous in certain lights.’

    In the caption, the mummy blogger also added that her daughter’s unicorn hair was done with ‘no nasties’.

    After sharing the beautiful snap, the comments section was flooded with comments gushing about how cute little Ivie looks with her unicorn hair, and even from mums asking for tips on how to do the same to their kids’ hair.

    One mum wrote: ‘Can I ask what colour you used in her hair? Absolutely gorgeous! My little miss would go crazy for this 😍😍😍’.

    A second said: ‘My eldest is a blondie and she loves it when I put wash out colour or hair chalk in her hair during school holidays. :)’

    Another mum also added: ‘Oeeeh i love this 😍😍😍 my daughter had pink hair last year And she rock it, just like Your Little girl 💜💜💜! Now she wants it again so I hope i can finds this in the Netherlands’.

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