Mum sparks debate after revealing she wants to choose the same baby name as her sister

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  • A mum has sparked a heated online debate after asking whether it’s wrong to give her child the same name as her sister’s.

    The pregnant mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet to pose the baby name question, revealing that her sister has named her second child Benjamin –  the same name she wants to give her boy.

    Now she wants to know if it’s wrong to name her child Benjamin anyway.

    She said: ‘2 years ago my sister had her 2nd son and named him Benjamin but he is always referred to as/called Benji.

    ‘Benjamin was going to be our name for a boy. My sister didn’t know this and I didn’t tell her this after she had him either but I did mention it to my mum when she told me he’d been born and the chosen name.

    ‘I am now pregnant and it’s a boy and there is literally not one other name I can find that I like for boys, never mind one that my DH [darling husband] would also like. DH has one other name he likes but I don’t like it.

    ‘It’s quite unusual and I tend to prefer old-fashioned, traditional names. I have read websites full of lists of names and still there is nothing I can find.’

    She then asked if it is ‘unreasonable’ to steal the name, given the fact her sister’s son is referred to as Benji.

    ‘I don’t think she’d be thrilled about me choosing the same name as her but I don’t know if it would bother her that much especially if we call him Benjamin and never Benji… but with it being my sister’s child’s name I do feel a bit like I am overstepping the line.’

    But the mum didn’t quite get the response she was hoping for as many other Mumsnet users were quick to criticise her for wanting to use the same baby name.

    One said: ‘There’s a million names out there! Pick another one.’

    Another added: ‘I wouldn’t do it and I’m afraid I’d think you were a bit odd (and very unimaginative) if you did it. If it was a family name that held deep meaning to both you and your sister it would perhaps make more sense but otherwise, it’s a no from me.’

    A third agreed: ‘It’s unreasonable. They’ll be both Ben when they’re older.’

    There were some parents though who felt calling her child Benjamin shouldn’t be an issue.

    One said: ‘No one has dibs on a name, she can’t reasonably ask you to not use it.’

    Another added: ‘I must be weird as I don’t think this would bother me. Talk to your sister I thing.’

    And a third said: ‘Call him what you want to it’s nobodys business.’

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