Mum defends C-sections after reading another woman’s ‘horrific’ experience

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  • A mum has written a Facebook post defending C-sections and encouraging women that need to have them, after noting that recent comments in the media suggested they are ‘horrific’.

    Mum and writer Rebecca Sparrow has opened up about having four C-sections, sharing her experiences in a bid to show that caesarean births can be a positive experience.

    The mum-of-four felt compelled to shine a light on the positive elements of having a C-section after reading comments made by Australian model Rebecca Judd on her birthing experience.

    The Aussie star was quoted talking about her C-section experience recently, saying that her birth was ‘horrific compared to having a natural delivery’ and ‘it absolutely kills… I started pretty much having a panic attack, my heart was going nutso’.

    Fearing that other women due to have a caesarean would find this perspective scary, Rebecca shared her own experiences on Facebook, linking to a story about Rebecca Judd’s birth and noting that although the model’s opinion on C-sections was valid, she promised ‘hand on my heart – I didn’t find the c-sections traumatising at all.’

    The writer started her post explaining nearly all of her C-sections were unavoidable, apart from the stillbirth of her daughter.

    ‘I’ve had four caesareans. Yes, FOUR. Only one of those was elective.

    ‘I elected to deliver my stillborn daughter by c-section because we already knew she had died and I couldn’t personally handle the idea of delivering her naturally.’

    Showing that she has had a lot of experience giving birth in this way, Rebecca continued to outline details on the births of her children.

    ‘(My first baby was delivered by emergency c-section. Then my third and fourth children were delivered by caesar because by this stage I’d already had TWO caesars AND my pregnancies were deemed high-risk.)’

    But despite having undergone stomach surgery four times, she insists that none of her experiences were ‘horrific’ or ‘traumatising’.

    ‘I didn’t find any of my caesars horrific. I didn’t find them excruciating. It’s stomach surgery so it’s not a walk in the park but then neither is vaginal childbirth (I assume!).

    ‘I recovered very quickly each time. I was up walking around within 12 hours. other than Georgie,I breastfed all my kids.’

    The mum-of-four goes on to make the point that every delivery will be different for every person.

    ‘You see everyone’s experience is different. Some people have great experiences in labour or with c-sections and some don’t. Some people have great experiences breastfeeding and some don’t.’

    Rebecca finished her post encouraging other mums not be ‘freaked out’ by different portrayals of C-sections.

    ‘I just wanted to make that point because today a pregnant woman is being told that she needs to have her baby by emergency caesarean and the word ‘horrific’ could be ringing in her ears making her even more freaked out! I had four caesars. And – hand on my heart – I didn’t find the c-sections traumatising at all.’

    The post has received lots of attention from other mums sharing their experiences of giving both both naturally and via caesarean.

    One Facebook user said, ‘I feel exactly the same. Four caesareans for me too. Each was a little different but none were horrendous. I think stories like this place extra (unnecessary) stress on women. Thanks for sharing a balanced point of view x’.

    Another commented, ‘I think the point all round is everyone has a different experience- that’s great that you had 4 good csections. It’s the same with natural birth everyone can’t wait to tell you their horror stories the moment you fall pregnant!’