‘Have I set her up for third child syndrome?’ Mum refuses to throw youngest child first birthday party

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  • A mum of three has written an honest blog post explaining why she won’t be throwing her third child a first birthday party – despite doing so for her other children.

    Deborah Knight, an Australian working mum, has opened up about why it’s okay to skip your child’s first birthday, even if you threw a party for their siblings.

    In a post written for Honey9, the 44 year old shared that after bringing up her two eldest children, she felt she had a more ‘relaxed parenting style’ by the time it came to her third.

    Despite going ‘a little crazy’ for her first child’s birthday, Deborah said that she and her husband had planned ‘no party, and no cake’ for one-year-old Audrey.

    ‘For my first child Darcy’s first birthday my husband and I went a little crazy. I baked a special cake, we invited friends and family to a picnic in the park, and we celebrated with lollies and presents galore.’

    And it seems the celebrations only got bigger by the time her second child, Elsa, turned one.

    ‘I baked a lovely lady beetle creation fresh from the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake bible, and we picnicked again with family and friends.’

    Outnumbered. #love

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    ‘There was even a piñata for the bigger kids, and we learnt from our mistake the first time around and made party bags to give out to the invited children on their departure.’

    But on reflection Deborah realised that although it was lovely to ‘make memories’, the child whose birthday it was ‘of course had no idea what was going on’.

    ‘Like all small children they were more interested in the wrapping than the presents themselves. And as for the cake – they both much preferred the feeling of squished icing between their fingers than the taste.’

    Happy wedding anniversary to my lovely Hubbie. 11 years!!

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    Initially Deborah questioned her decision, worrying that she may make her littlest one feel left out.

    ‘What have I done? Have I set her up for a lifetime of “issues” and third child syndrome? Barely any presents or photos, no party, and no cake for you!’

    But, the TV presenter decided that despite ‘feeling a degree of guilt’, ‘endless cuddles’ are a lot more important than cake and party poppers.

    ‘I’m confident that Audrey will, of course, be OK.’

    ‘We’re more relaxed in our parenting style, and while we can’t give her our undivided attention, she is growing into an independent and self-sufficient soul – which is a good thing.’

    ‘The third child might not have as many photos taken of her, and might miss out on a big first birthday bash, but our love for Audrey knows no bounds. Who needs cake when you can have endless cuddles?!’

    1 year old!!

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    The doting mum did in fact take to Instagram on the big day to sing Happy Birthday with her adorable family, but with a low-key home made cupcake which all children look very pleased with!

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