Mum furious at headmistress from ‘another era’ for telling kids to only invite mums to PARENTS evening

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  • A mum has sparked debate after revealing that her son’s headmistress told children to only invite mums to parents evening.

    The mum explained her ordeal on a parenting forum, writing that her son asked her to attend a ‘parents evening’, which was going to take place at the middle of the day.

    ‘Picked DS 1 up from school today and he informed me that I had to be at his school on Monday at 1pm for ‘parents evening’. Sorry but since when did evening start at 1pm,’ she wrote on parenting forum Mumsnet.

    The woman then goes on to explain that she wouldn’t be able to attend because she would be at work at that time, but told her son to ask his dad as he has flexible working hours.

    ‘I told DS I couldn’t get then as I would be working but he could ask his dad to attend as he is self employed so could juggle stuff around to fit it in,’ she said on the thread.

    But then her son replied saying that he had to ask her, and not his father, because the headmistress told the children to ask their mums as the ‘dads won’t be able to go as they’ll be at work’.

    ‘DS says ‘headmistress says I had to ask you(mum) because she says all the dads won’t be able to go as they’ll be at work,’ she continued.

    The mum confessed she was surprised the headmistress only asked mums to come to parents evening

    In the post, the mum confesses that she was surprised by the fact that the headmistress thinks all mums spend their time ‘watching daytime tv with a hobnob’, but also that dads are seen as being ‘too busy’ to care about attending an event at their children’s school.

    ‘Not sure what I’m more 😮 at: the fact that she assumes all mums spend their day watching daytime tv with a hobnob so can drop everything to attend parents evenings in the middle of the day, or that the dads are all far too busy to put themselves out to possibly be the slightest bit interested in their child’s education,’ she added.

    While some users in the forum advised the mum to check with the headmistress as children sometimes misinterpret things, other confessed they’ve heard of this happening elsewhere.

    One wrote: ‘My friend’s had this at their primary school. They also announce inset days with just 1-2 weeks notice. All because the head seems to think mums are to stay at home. In one case the dad went as a mid-week day is his day off and the head actually queried why he was there.

    ‘Our school announces dates at least at the beginning of the term so they go straight into the calendar and I book time off work if necessary. But I come to the conclusion our school is really a one-off with this’, the user said.

    Have you ever experienced a similar situation at your children’s school? Let us know in the comments!