Mum gives birth live on Facebook to show a 'normal everyday labour story'

'Birth isn't really like the movies'

A mum-of-two has welcomed her third child while live-vlogging the entire experience on Facebook.

Sarah-Jayne Ljungström, who goes by the name SJ, shared her birth on the Facebook page of website Channel Mum, uploading a series of videos taking viewers from the beginning stages of her birth story to the introduction of her 8lb 1oz newborn daughter, Evelina Blossom.

Throughout the live videos, SJ expresses a range of emotions, from 'slightly terrified' when her waters break to 'quite anxious' while waiting at home during her contractions, but remains upbeat and chatty when interacting with her viewers, even joking with them as she films.

'Can somebody else come and do this?' she says at one point during the early stages of labour. 'I don't want to do this bit!'

She also shares tips about her pain relief throughout the process, showing her audience the TENS machine she's rented, which she says also helped with her first two births.

While the videos don't actually show the delivery of Evelina, they do pick up as soon as they arrive home from the hospital, where she says that she had 'not too straightforward a labour', as her daughter was back-to-back, and there was no time for an epidural.

However, she adds that: 'I'm very very proud of myself and this little one'.

Explaining her decision to publicise the experience after the birth, SJ said: 'I've been vlogging about motherhood and my pregnancy this year so it was natural for me to do the same and share my labour. I find being a mum so rewarding but it can be overwhelming and lonely.

'I was always looking for help and advice especially about the big things like labour and feeding that I was anxious about. Stories from other real mums I could relate to helped me so much.


'So I decided to share my own to show a real everyday labour that other mums and pregnant woman could follow and see how it went. Birth isn't really like the movies so showing a normal everyday labour story was nice.'

Viewers of the videos have since flooded SJ with messages of support and thanks, with one writing: 'Oh SJ, I am so pleased just to see you both at home. Huge congratulations. I'm in tears.'

Another commented: 'Huge congratulations lovely! You have done absolutely amazing!! So so beautiful.'


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