'We are not sure where his size comes from' Mum reveals 'shock' after giving birth to 16lb 4oz baby boy

This little guy is nearly twice the size of an average newborn.

Let's all take a minute to spare a thought for this mum, who has given birth to a whopping 16lb 4oz baby boy!

This New Zealand mum has certainly proved she knows how to grow a big baby after welcoming a newborn nearly twice the size of an average tot.

The bouncing baby boy was not only nearly double the weight of most other babies but also measured up to be an impressive 57cm long too.

Although the parents have asked to remain private, they did comment on their unusually large baby, remarking that height does not actually run in their family.

The father of the newborn seemed to find his son's statue as much of a mystery as everyone else, saying, 'We are not that tall ourselves, so we are not sure where his size comes from - at the moment we are thinking he's probably just a big baby.'

Musing over what his youngest son's profession might be, the dad didn't seem to think it would be determined by his size.

'People are calling him the next Jonah Lomu, but we think he'll be a concert pianist.'

Even medical professionals seem to be stumped. The Metro reported that though doctors thought the couple's baby would be a little on the large size, they could not have predicted just how large and apparently were 'shocked at his size'.

After realising that the baby would be a struggle to birth, doctors at Wellington Hospital attempted to give the mum-of-two an epidural. But when the procedure took more than three hours to administrate due to the mother having such trouble bending over to get into the correct position for the injection, they were forced to perform a caesarean instead.

Although their second baby's size is shocking, it can't be a complete surprise to the Kiwi parents whose first son weighed 11.8lbs.

At his birth weight this little man is currently the equivalent of a 20 week old baby, meaning he can skip right past newborn nappies and clothes and will be needing rompers more fitting to a six month old - let's hope his mum and dad didn't buy too many newborn outfits for him already!


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