‘My vagina was on icy fire’ Mum’s hilarious review of minty shower gel goes viral

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  • As a mum, few things are sacred. But one of the things we like to cling on to, if we can, is having some peace and quiet in the shower.

    You know the shower? That place that should be a private little haven to give yourself a bit of me time? If you know where we’re coming from, you might also have some nice shower gel, just for you.

    Well, as one hilarious mum from Australia has pointed out, when there’s kids involved, nothing is ever just for you.

    Kirsten Roberts

    Kirsten Roberts added a new photo.

    Kristen Roberts, a mum of three, took to Facebook to re-tell what happened when her little rascals took her ‘milky smooth body wash’ and replaced it with their own ‘arctic freshness’ Mint Original Source shower gel.

    Writing in a post that has since been shared by hundreds of users, she said, ‘Gone was my milky smooth body wash and instead in its place stood this green version that says 7,927 mint and tea tree leaves in this one bottle.

    ‘No problems I thought. Ho ho ho. Laughs the universe as I lather up.’

    The mum continues to describe exactly what happened once she began ‘working my way from my legs up, I give my ladies front bum a good go, of course, along with my back bum.

    ‘By the time I had hit my underarms, I sensed something was seriously adrift.

    ‘You know that sensation when you take a mouth full of Listerine mouth wash and it explodes your mouth open with the iciness of it.

    ‘My vagina was on icy fire.’

    Kirsten Roberts

    The Artic Breeze That Surprised My Vagina I was a bit surprised today to see my regular body wash gone from the shower and it replaced with another from the kids bathroom. Gone was my milky smooth…

    Despite ‘jumping’ out of the shower to rid herself of the ‘tingle for your tangles’, Kristen realised there ‘were more tricks in store for me.’

    ‘In that moment Jon Snow whispered in my ear “winter is coming”.

    ‘And the icy breeze took hold of all my bits with the intensity of my children barrelling towards the door of a Maccas when I said they could have a special treat.

    ‘My friends, this body wash belongs in the aisle of the shop that has a PG rating.’

    The mum continued to invite other mums to ‘start your day with all your special bits feeling like they are doing a nudie run through a pine forest when its minus 5 degrees.’

    ‘P.S. I do not now why the kids have never shared the tingle factor with me. I’m wondering what they expect normal body wash is now 😲’

    This isn’t the first time someone has fallen foul of the shower gel’s ‘tingling’ properties. Last month an unnamed blogger wrote a post detailing how her ‘flaps were on fire’ after using the shower gel favourite.

    ‘Oh. Dear. God. MY VAGINA WAS ABLAZE’, she explained, ending the post with a thank you to the manufacturers:

    ‘Anyways, thanks for brightening up my morning. And my front bottom, which has never been so lively.’

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