Mum’s horror after social media user steals her baby’s photo and changes her eye colour

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  • A mum has revealed her horror after discovering that a photo of her baby daughter was stolen, altered and reposted on social media.

    Caroline Enterfeldt, 27, who posts pictures of her one-year-old daughter Jayden on her Instagram account, was made aware of the fake photo when she was tagged in it on her account.

    In the duplicate snap, Jayden’s eye colour has been altered – changing them from brown to blue. The image was then posted to account @curls_and_braids but has since been taken down. However, other Instagram users have since posted the picture too.

    The original photo was posted by Caroline in July, when they were on holiday in Italy.

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    The mum was outraged that anyone would want to steal the photo, saying on Twitter: ‘I’m SICK of seeing people edit pictures of babies to what they believe social media will find “cuter”. She’s beautiful with her brown eyes!’

    Her followers agreed, with one saying: ‘It’s so weird. People fetishise kids waaay too much.’

    While another said: ‘OMG this is weird AF! Some random page took that beautiful baby’s photo and edited it themselves? It’s making me irrationally angry.’

    Caroline told Buzzfeed: ‘I’m so confident with my daughter’s beauty, and for me she’s perfect as she is.

    ‘When it turned out to be this big, I’m starting to think why they edited it and for what purpose.’

    Caroline’s story comes as the NSPCC warned parents last month to think twice about posting pictures of their children online.

    A recent study suggested that by the time their five years old, the average child would have around 1,500 pictures of them online – creating a digital footprint that they have not given permission to.