Mum issues warning to other parents with shocking pictures after daughter got second-degree burns in slide

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  • A mum has posted an important warning to all parents on Facebook after her daughter got second degree burns on her legs in a slide.

    In the post, the mum explained how she took her little girl to the park, and checked the temperature before allowing her to go on the slide.

    She wrote: ‘So I took my girls to the John anderson park today and I felt the playground equipment before I allowed my youngest to play on it but I didn’t realize how hot this particular slide was.’

    She continues to say that after her daughter went on the slide, she got really badly burned on the back of her legs.

    ‘Asia is currently being seen in the hospital now. I really want to ask that John anderson get some type of sun cover over their equipment so no other baby gets burned this bad!’, she said.

    When the mum returned to the park with 41 Action News to check the temperature of the slide, it turned out to be 68°C. Metro reports that a surface at 45°C is enough can burn the skin, so it’s understandable that the girl suffered the burns.

    The mum added on Facebook: ‘I’ve never heard her scream so bad. I feel so terrible!! And there were babies playing all over the equipment and I put my hands on it. I had no idea that slide was hot enough to hurt her so badly!’

    Speaking to local TV news channel, Dawna said: ‘It was frightening. It was sad and scary. I felt so bad for her. You could tell that the skin was just gone. It just completely took her skin away.

    ‘I just assumed that it was safe because all these children were playing and they were playing just fine.‘Everybody says, “That wouldn’t be me, that wouldn’t be my child. I could never let this happen to my child.”

    ‘It could happen to you. It really could.’

    The slide has since been closed off in the heat.

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