Mum Milestones: The life-affirming (and hilarious) photo cards every new parent needs

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  • When you’re a sleep-deprived, physically exhausted, baby-brain consumed parent, the little wins are the most important.

    You know, the night where you only get up five times instead of seven, or you manage to go to the bathroom without little fingers clutching at the door handle. Enjoying an uninterrupted cup of tea, having a conversation that doesn’t revolve around your child’s bowel movements… the list goes on and on.

    As mums to two children each, Esti Zilber and Becky Feiner from Sydney, Australia totally feel your pain, which is why they’ve come up with a brilliant way to celebrate each little landmark as it happens – Mum Milestones, a series of brutally honest photocards about the triumphant moments during motherhood that definitely need marking.

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    ‘We were spending a lot of time together as new mums, thinking about how stuff we were talking about wasn’t being reflected to us in the products out there, and what was being posted on social media,’ Esti told Mashable Australia, when asked how the idea came about.

    ‘We were having a laugh at how these ‘baby milestones’ were being celebrated with these beautiful photos of babies, but no one was really acknowledging what mums were going through.’

    Esti and Becky made their first set of Mum Milestones cards back in March, and promptly sold out. Since then, demand for their funny visual insights has continued to grow.

    ‘I guess at a time when you’re sleep deprived and your hormones are going a bit crazy, that kind of stuff would be either overwhelming or hilarious. It’s a good opportunity for us to let other mums know that they aren’t going through it alone,’ Esti added.

    While the tone of the cards, which are available to purchase from the Mum Milestone’s website, is light-hearted and fun, a percentage of the proceeds goes to a very important cause – PANDA, an Australian perinatal anxiety and depression charity.

    ‘It’s important to acknowledge that these very much came out of a place that [motherhood] is not all roses, and that it’s not always easy to ask for the help you need,’ Esti explained. ‘When you’re a new mum, you’re so focused on the baby that sometimes you forget to put yourself first.’

    As their website explains, the pair ‘hope this deck of cards helps new mothers and mothers-to-be see the funny side of what can be a pretty crazy yet wonderful time.’

    Would you gift Mum Milestones to a new mum? Or would you purchase them yourself as a parent? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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