‘Someone annoying is at the end of this ruler’ Mum of ASD son asks for advice about teacher’s behaviour

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  • The worried mum of a teen who has autism spectrum disorder has taken to Mumsnet to pose a question, telling users that ‘any POV gratefully received’.

    Starting the post, she explained that her 13-year-old son is very anxious, has ASD and struggles with some aspects of school.

    ‘He also seems to have difficulties with some teachers which I know is common as some people don’t fully ‘get’ ASD,’ she said.

    ‘One teacher DS has had issues with repeatedly this term pointed a ruler at him today and said “someone annoying is at the end of this ruler”‘.

    While the poster’s ‘dear son’ responded cheekily, the teacher let him off detention because she didn’t want to stay behind at the end of the day.

    ‘Personally I think she knows she was out of order and as his keyworker has already had to have words about her following his behaviour plan she was saving face,’ the woman continued.

    After quizzing her son on why the teacher is like this, it came to light that he thinks she finds him annoying and doesn’t really like him.

    ‘I get she may feel that way. (She should be subtle about it though!),’ she admitted.

    ‘I want to know what others think because I’m not sure whether to see if anything develops or intervene before it goes too far?’

    The opinions from other users quickly came rolling in, with some in favour of the teacher.

    ‘She doesn’t sound like she was ‘out of order’ at all. Can teachers not even use gentle teasing these days?’ one asked. ‘He might have been annoying. He’ll need to learn to cope with much worse in the future and bouncing in to make his life perfect isn’t going to help with that. Can’t you explain teasing to him? Most ASD children I’ve known can understand humour from others.’

    ‘I realise that people with ASD arent good at getting jokes or anything non literal but it will be a sad day when teachers cant joke with the children they teach,’ wrote another.

    However, others said the fact he had ASD should be taken into consideration: ‘If she knows he has ASD it would surely make it easier for him to cope if the teacher tried her best to be clear and unambiguous, (actually that’s sensible advice for all pupils). That sort of comment isn’t going to tell him what he was doing that was annoying, or how to improve.’

    Another agreed: ‘I think that’s really cruel to single someone out.’

    ‘Did he ask her which end? ‘ joked another.

    One wrote: ‘I don’t know much about asd but regardless… any teacher who points a ruler at any kid and says “someone annoying is at the end of this ruler” is completely in the wrong in my opinion’

    What do you think? Was the teacher out of order? Let us know in the comments box below.