‘I am unapologetically me’ Mum-of-two opens up about accepting her postpartum body

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  • A mum-of-two has spoken out about accepting her postpartum body, after 19 years of struggling with self confidence, in a brave photo shoot.

    Sabrina Ewell, a mother from Chicago, USA, had been ashamed of the excess skin on her stomach caused by childbirth for 19 years after giving birth to her two sons, who are now 19 and eight years old.

    After spending nearly two decades feeling down about her body, trying ‘home remedies to “fix” it that never worked’, the yoga instructor decided to go on a ‘journey of self-discovery’ to feel confident in her own skin.

    In honour of this, Sabrina has teamed up with photographer Aaron Turner of Expressions Untold for an exposing photo shoot which they have both shared on Instagram.


    Speaking to parenting website Scary Mommy, Sabrina said, ‘All I could see was the negative aspects of my stomach when I looked in the mirror. I let societal influences reduce me to less than what I really was.’

    But now, the mum has bared all in a raw and honest post, ‘Deep breath… So this is me… in all my 19 year postpartum glory… I thought this was baggage for so many years.

    ‘Contemplated tummy tucks numerous times. Had people give me home remedies to ‘fix’ it that never worked. Felt ashamed because I didn’t look like societal norms…

    ‘But I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery for the last 2 years, and the universe has lined me up with thoughts, circumstances, and people that have allowed me to connect with my authentic self.’

    Sabrina goes on to explain how she no longer lets what society sees as beautiful hold her back, and for the first time is able to proudly wear a bikini on the beach and have fun doing handstands.

    ‘I no longer look to societal norms to define who the f*ck I am. I am unapologetically me in my bikinis as I do handstands on the beach because I’m the sh*t.

    ‘F*ck your photoshopped imagery because your bullsh*t no longer applies to me.’

    The post has gained support from mums all over the world, with many sharing their own stories and thanking Sabrina for sharing hers.

    One Instagram user said, ‘Absolutely love this picture and message 💖 I am gradually becoming more confident and happy with my postpartum body… not completely there, but the journey is changing me in ways far more significant than the changes people see on my exterior 😘’

    Another mum commented, ‘This. I was beginning to think I was the only one after seeing so many friends post nearly flawless post-baby stomachs. I have been ashamed and disgusted. I’ve only recently changed my mindset to really start to appreciate my body and love myself regardless. And this I needed. Thank you for your courage and inspiring words!’