Mum outraged after her kid's nursery turned vegan without her consent

A mum has been left fuming after her son’s nursery turned their meal plan vegan without her consent.

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A mum has been left fuming after her son's nursery turned their meal plan vegan without her consent.

Mum Aimee expressed her anger on parenting forum Netmums, revealing children at the nursery are no longer being offered fish or meat options with their meals.

She claims the changes were made to accommodate the vegan deputy manager and her son as soon as she returned from maternity leave.

She explained: ‘So we had an email this week from my son’s nursery saying they are changing their food menu – little did I expect when I received the menu they have changed the whole menu to a vegan menu, no prior consent or questions put forward to the parents, or from staff, from what I can gather!

‘This has really got my back up as I feel we are being railroaded into making our children vegan without a choice, no option of meat or fish! My family are a meat eating family, as many others in the nursery.

‘I have complained but was shrugged off by the manager who has basically said it’s because the deputy manager has come back from maternity leave and she is the vegan and it’s for her son!... Can I go to Ofsted with this?’

Many parents agreed with Aimee and shared in her frustration at the change of menu.

One said: ‘I would be absolutely livid about this.’

Another added: ‘I would be changing nursery if this was done to my daughter’s nursery I don’t want my kids railroaded into a vegan lifestyle.’

A third said: ‘Dietary choices should not be forced on children because of the nursery manager and her child! I'm a vegetarian myself and my children eat meat. I haven't forced a meat free diet onto my children and certainly wouldn't expect anyone else to. I'd complain via their complaints procedure.’

But not everyone understood why Aimee had an issue with the new plant-based diet.

One argued: ‘I don’t understand why you feel like your child MUST eat meat while at nursery? You can still feed your child meat and fish outside of nursery. I just don’t understand why you would complain that the nursery are changing their menu to a much healthier and nutritious option’.

Another said: ‘Just my opinion, but I think it’s a good thing. The healthiest diet that we can eat is actually a whole food plant-based diet. Eating meat causes a whole range of health problems from cancer to heart disease and diabetes and so many more.’

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