'Like magic!' Mum reveals simple burping method that works in SECONDS

Followers have been hailing the mum-of-two a 'legend'.

A mum-of-two has been praised online for sharing her baby burping technique - a trick that according to her followers 'works like magic'.

Mummy blogger Sophie Cachia has taken to Instagram to share a video of her burping technique in a bid to help others mums that are struggling to burp their babies.

In the video, The Young Mummy blogger can be seen sitting her tot on her lap as she begins to move her little ones limbs to open up her airway.

Sophie describes what she can be seen doing in a helpful caption alongside the video, 'Simply [so it's definitely not always SIMPLE, sometimes they arch their back and you need to use some gentle-but-firm mummy/daddy love to hold them in place) sit them on your lap and bring their knees bent in like so, and lift their arms up to about 90 degree angle.'

The Australian mum continues to reveal that she used this technique successfully on both of her children but warned that it's essential that your baby's body is relaxed.

'I'm not sure if it's because it straightens their back or opens up their body more, but I find my kids have just magically burped this way.

'They need to be calm though and body relaxed - hence the dummy because Flossy was screaming the roof off seconds before as she'd finished her bottle.'

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Before signing off, the 26-year-old mum made it clear that followers are free to try this technique if they wish, but should not feel like they have to.

'BY NO MEANS am I preaching that my way is THE way to burp and telling you YOU MUST DO IT (don't we hate those people!?!) - I'm just offering some assistance & tips to try for new mums who may be struggling in this field - I know I certainly did before accidentally doing this.'

Since posting the video Sophie has made an edit to encourage mums to listen to their baby's needs and feel comfortable to continue feeding if they want to, 'EDIT: if worse comes to worst and they won't settle, it's because my kids are still hungry. Don't worry about how much you read your baby should be drinking, listen to YOUR BABY. x x x'

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Many of Sophie's followers have tried the trick out for themselves, with overwhelmingly positive results.

One follower commented, 'This. Is. Amazing. Works like magic on my 10 week old (although she also likes to fill her nappy, loudly, as soon as her arms go up. Go on girl) x'

Another said, 'I used this technique twice tonight when my little miss wouldn't burp... And BAM!! Burps!!! You freaking legend! Love following your journey in life. Thanks so much for sharing xxx'

A third Instagram user also found the technique helpful, 'Just want to say thankyou so much I have been doing this since I saw your video and it really helps my 12week old bring up her wind when she has struggled since birth x'

Have you given this burping technique a try? Let us know if it worked for you in the comment box!


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