Why this mum’s heartbreaking letter to her son’s bullies has gone viral

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  • At some point or other we’ve all (sadly) had to deal with bullying, whether it was at school or in later years through our children’s experiences. It can be hard to know what to do when your child is being bullied, but this mum has come up with the sweetest come back yet.

    When MaryAnn Parisi discovered that her son Michael was being bullied by other children at school, calling him ‘stupid, ugly, brace face’, and ‘bucky beaver’, she penned a letter to her little boy’s classmates. In it she explains why she doesn’t think they have to like her son, but why she thinks they do have to respect him, for everything he had been through.

    She goes on to tell them how her son was born prematurely and has struggled with various difficulties ever since. The post, which has been shared over 3000 times by family, friends and well-wishers, has had the perfect response, with messages of love and support pouring in for the very lovely Michael.

    Below is the full story, how MaryAnn so beautifully tells it.


    One of the most touching responses was from Michael’s own godmother Maria Fusco.

    The very proud Maria wrote, ‘I love my godson so much! He is the one person I know that will give me the biggest hug and truly mean it no matter how long we haven’t seen each other. I believe it was HIM who got all 300 of my wedding guests on the dance floor! And HE was the one asking and getting my girlfriends to dance with him! How many of those those bullies would have the confidence to do that!? Thank you for loving those kids the way you do! They will go far, way beyond those other kids because of how they are loved’.

    And it looks like this story has a happy ending, too.


    MaryAnn commented under her original post saying, ‘I will be working with the school and his teachers to end this. They went above and beyond how it was handled.’

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