Mum reveals how she saved unborn baby’s life with Count the Kicks app

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  • Have you ever thought about using a baby kick monitoring app?

    It might be something that had never crossed your mind, but one mum has spoken out to share her experience of why using one app in particular saved her baby’s life.

    Emily Eekhoff, a mum from Iowa, USA, spoke to Refinery 29 about how in her third trimester she decided to start using the Count the Kicks app.

    This particular app is free, and the company that created it are based in Emily’s home town of Des Moines. It aims to help mothers-to-be track their baby’s movements to get a handle on their kicking patterns.

    The idea is that if your baby’s kicks begin to slow or become less frequent, you can notice the pattern easier and detect if it’s a cause of concern. The app encourages mums to seek medical advice if they notice that their child’s movements slow considerably.

    Emily explains that it was at 33 weeks pregnant that she noticed her baby had stopped kicking as much, telling Refinery 29 ‘We were a little scared that things weren’t right’.

    Emily’s instincts were correct – after visiting the hospital she discovered her umbilical cord had become wrapped around her baby’s neck three times and her little one needed to be delivered by an emergency C-section.

    After 20 days in the NICU baby Ruby was able to come home, ‘We are really thankful that we [went to the hospital]’, says Emily.

    Count the Kicks Executive Director Emily Price told Refinery 29 that actually a baby’s movements aren’t much different to an adults.

    ‘When we don’t feel well, we move less. And we want to stay on the couch or bed. It’s the same thing for babies. When they don’t feel well, they move less.’

    In the UK, baby movement charity Kicks Count has lots of helpful information on how significant your baby’s kicks are.

    The charity’s website explains that ‘women usually begin to feel their baby move between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.’

    They describe a baby’s movements as anything from a ‘kick, flutter, swish or roll. The type of movement may change as your pregnancy progresses.’

    The website advises mums to monitor their baby’s movements saying, ‘by being aware of movements mums are more empowered to help their baby if they notice a problem’.

    Baby movement monitoring apps

    There are a few different apps out there that can help you track your baby’s movements, take a look at these if you’re thinking about trying one:

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