Mum desperately seeks advice over bossy mother-in-law who is driving her ‘insane’

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  • A fed up mum has taken to the internet for advice on how to handle her bossy mother-in-law, who constantly tells her she is caring for her baby wrong.

    Posting on Mumsnet under the username Lovingtyrells, the woman admits the problems started soon after she and her partner moved in with her mum-in-law.

    Kicking off the post, she questions if she’s being unreasonable, saying: ‘She is obsessed with the newborn, which I guess is natural. But she constantly tells us what to do, more me I guess.’

    ‘[She] takes the baby off me when he wants, barges in when I’m changing the nappy and tells me I am doing it wrong.’

    ‘I have to keep telling her not to put the baby on his side as it’s now the back. I really can’t take it and getting snappy with her now because I need to do things my way.’

    The mum goes on to say she appreciates the support as she knows some people have no one, but she ‘can’t take being critiqued constantly’.

    Her partner has reasoned that letting his mum help is not a sign of her being incapable, and this she’s one of eight, so knows babies.

    The advice from fellow posters soon rolled in, with some sympathising with the weary mum and slammed the ‘overbearing’ mother-in-law.

    ‘Move out or put your foot down,’ one declared. ‘How dare she take your baby off you? Next time tell her no, even if it does cause ructions.’

    Many simply advised her to ‘move out’, with one user querying: ‘Why did you ever agree to this horrible arrangement?’

    Another suggested that the new mum ‘tell her that if she keeps taking over then you’ll never learn (to humour her).’

    ‘Why not do the adult thing and tell her you’re a new mother wanting to do things your way and feel criticism – even though you know it’s well meant?’ another commenter questioned.

    ‘Never ever live with in laws!’ exclaimed one. ‘Moved in with ours last year with a new born, took a year to get back out and was HELL.’

    Others, however, were quick to deliver harsh truths on the situation, with one writing: ‘You can’t really complain about her behaviour when you are living in her house.’

    What do you think? Should the mum move out? Let us know in the comments box below.

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