Mum branded ‘selfish’ and ‘cringeworthy’ for trying to obtain an invite to her friend’s wedding after being left off the guest list

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  • A mum has sparked a heated debate after going behind her friend’s back to ask her parents for a wedding invite, after being crushed that she was left off the guest list.

    Explaining that she had recently reunited with her childhood friend after the pair ‘fell out really badly’ five years ago, the mum took to Mumsnet to ask fellow users if she was being unreasonable to be disappointed that her friend’s parents weren’t keen on the idea.

    She said: ‘My best friend since I was 4 is getting married in August… The problem being is that we fell out really badly 5 years ago and haven’t spoken.

    ‘This Christmas we came back together and since then we have become really close.’

    The mum then explained how she went to the bride-to-be’s parents to wrangle a last minute invite so she could surprise her friend before her wedding after she failed to receive an invite to the ceremony in France.

    She added: ‘After a lot of thought and realising that I would regret it if I didn’t go, I went to see her parents today to ask them if it would be ok if I surprised her by coming to see her before she gets married at the town hall so I could see her in her dress etc.

    ‘I was immediately met with hostility and I could tell straight away by their faces that they didn’t want me to.

    ‘Her mum kept saying “I’m not sure if it’s what she would want”, “I don’t know what to say”, “you’ve caught me off guard”.’

    She insisted that she could just stand outside the town hall and watch her walk in, but the parents were reluctant, leaving her feeling crushed.

    She added: ‘It was possibly the most awkward conversations I have ever had with someone.

    However, Mumsnet users were less than sympathetic and advised her to stay away from the wedding.

    One said: ‘Oh my gosh! I’m cringing for you! She doesn’t want you at her wedding otherwise she would have invited you! Stay away from her wedding, you sound extremely selfish and entitled.’

    Another said: ‘That is pure cringe. So she will be nervously waiting to get married when you pop up “Ta-Da!”. Very awkward. If she wanted you there she would have invited you. In her eyes you are probably not that close.’

    While another added: ‘It’s not that you’re being unreasonable as such but where’s your pride? You don’t ask for invites, if she wanted you there she’d have invited you’.

    What do you think? Was she right in asking her friend’s parents for an invite? Let us know you opinion in the comments!