Mum shares video of the massage she uses to relieve her toddler's cold symptoms

She says it 'also works good for adults, too!'

A mum's home remedy video has gone viral after she shared the trick she uses for helping her toddler to relieve symptoms of a cold.

Sia Cooper, who blogs under the name Diary of a Fit Mommy, filmed the way she performs facial message to help her daughter to clear her sinuses, and used the caption of her post to explain why she's found the trick so helpful.

'If you're not a fan of medication, you can try acupressure and massage to the sinus cavities,' she wrote to her 698k Instagram followers.

'Simply apply direct pressure with your fingertips and gently rub to get that drainage flowing. Also helps to temporarily relieve a little pressure so your little ones can feel better! Also works good for adults, too.'

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Many of her fans have praised the method, with some saying they've used it on their children before.

'I believe in this and have used it on myself and my kids. It works!' one declared, followed by another who exclaimed: 'Oh my gosh, her squishy little face! She's so stinking cute! I'm sorry she's not feeling well! Your technique totally works though - I ask my husband to do it to me when I'm pregnant and can't take meds.'

'I do this to my face all of the time when I start to feel my sinus pressure build up,' a third commented. 'So helpful! But I've weirdly never thought to do it to my kiddos. Great tip!'

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Speaking to Babble, Sia added: 'Massage and acupressure are such powerful tools that most of us don't think about, and they’ve been around for ages — longer than medication.'

'It only takes a few minutes! Isn't anything worth trying to get your little one to feel better? It may or may not work for everyone, but it's a free, natural way of pain relief for everyone — not just kiddos.'

The NHS advises that children with colds should be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, given liquid paracetamol or ibuprofen, if necessary, and have their blocked nose eased by raising the pillow end of their bed or cot - they suggest putting books or bricks under the legs, or placing a pillow under the mattress (although you shouldn't put anything under the mattress of a baby younger than one year old).

However, if you're concerned about any of your child's symptoms, you should always consult your family GP or pharmacist.


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