Mum shares heartbreaking note she found in a children’s book she bought for her daughter

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  • Natalie Coleman picked up a Disney story book she knew her daughter would love from a second-hand shop. When she discovered a heartbreaking note inside, she knew had to find the original owner. 

    Buying toys and books from charity and second-hand shops is a great, affordable way to enrich your little one’s lives. But when Natalie found a special handwritten note inside a book she had bought for her daughter, she decided it was best to try and return the book.

    The Australian mum picked up the book 5 Minute Princess Stories for her little girl from a shop in Melbourne.

    When she eventually sat down to read it with her daughter, she found a message from a father to his daughter, presumably the original recipient of the book.

    The note said: ‘Dear Alexis. If you’re getting this without me, it’s because unfortunately my circumstances got too grim for me to give it to you yourself. You need to know I always loved you with all my heart. You were the first thing I thought about when I woke up in the morning and the last thing I thought about at night. Love Dad (Barry)’.

    Natalie felt compelled to find Alexis and return the book, with this special message inside. She posted a picture of the book on Facebook and said: ‘I recently picked up this book from a St Kilda Op-shop for my daughter. The message just breaks my heart … if you know Alexis (Dad named Barry) I would love to return your book.’

    Several people commented on the post and wished Natalie luck on finding the original owner of the book.

    One person said: ‘Hope you find the owner … that’s very touching 😰’.

    However, the post has been shared by less than 100 people and it looks unlikely that Alexis or Barry will be found any time soon.

    The Herald Sun report that Natalie returned to the shop she bought the book from to see if she can trace who dropped it off, but the shop owners said this was practically impossible.

    We hope you find them soon Natalie!