Mum shares nappy sack safety warning after son’s tragic death

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  • A mother has shared the devastating story of her baby’s death to raise awareness and alert other parents to the dangers of nappy sacks.

    The parents of a seven-month-old baby who died from suffocation have set up a Facebook page in his memory, sharing his story four years on in the hope of educating other parents.

    Maison George Louis Amison died at just seven months and one day old after a tragic accident occurred, when he pulled a nappy sack into his cot in the night and suffocated.

    After creating a Facebook tribute page called Maison’s Memory, his mum has recalled the terrible day that her son died and given advice to other parents to ensure this doesn’t happen to their children.

    Asking Facebook users to share her message, she wrote, ‘I’ve decided to write Maison’s story down again and it would be fab if you could share. Maybe 1 person who hasn’t seen from your friends list will see.

    ‘After a rubbish pregnancy in which I had spd, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes we welcomed our first baby into the world on 6th August 2012,’ she began the post.

    ‘A baby boy weighing 8lbs 14oz. Maison George Louis Amison. My everything.’

    Sadly, on the night of 6th March 2013, the family’s ‘world came falling down’ after discovering Maison dead in his cot the next morning.

    ‘I walked into Maison’s bedroom and found him in his cot with a nappy sack over his face. From then it’s all a big blur.’

    ‘I remember seeing the bumper had been pushed down in the corner, almost like it had been stood on. There was a tall changing unit next to the cot and Maison, our 7 month baby who couldnt even crawl, must of learned to stand up in the night and reached over to a pocket in the changing stand where a handful of nappy sacks were.’

    In detail that’s difficult to read, the grieving mother expresses how years on she still finds it hard to think about that day – the worst nightmare for any parent.

    ‘Even 4 years on i get random flashes of the paramedics working on him, us rushing to a+e, my family all sat in a room with Maison dead in the next.’

    ‘When these images come the room spins, i feel sick and i feel like my chest has been ripped out. Air does nothing and the pain you can’t describe with words.’

    It was originally thought that Maison’s death was a ‘freak accident’ before the family found that at least 16 other babies had died from suffocating on a nappy sack.

    Since then the parents have been trying to raise awareness of the dangers of nappy sacks, explaining how easy it is for ‘a gust of wind blowing the bag across the room’ or ‘a toddler helping look after baby and leaving the bag in reach’.

    Addressing parents that may be reading, the mum urges others to think, ‘If you have them at home where are they? Are you 100% sure there are no random ones down the sofa or lying around somewhere? Is high actually high enough?’

    The post has received attention from hundreds of parents supporting her message and sharing their own stories.

    One Facebook user commented with their own devastating story, ‘As you know we lost our Harley because of these sacks and I know of another one 14 months later. My view now is the only way to stop this happening is DON’T HAVE THEM then no more loss of a precious life and no more families broken.’

    Another added, ‘So heartbraking. I thought nappybsacks like most carrier bags have holes in to avoid tragedies such as yours. Thanks for sharing.So sorry for your loss x’.