‘Mommy, I’m not going to make it’ Mum shares photo depicting the reality of childhood cancer

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  • A mum who shared a picture of her 10-year-old son battling childhood cancer has touched thousands of people around the world with her devastating story.

    The heartbreaking reality of the little boy’s cancer journey has gone viral after being shared by Facebook page, Love What Matters.

    The mum of the young boy, who’s named Drake, has spoken out about the harrowing truth of caring for her son while he battles cancer to show that ‘life isn’t pretty, and cancer destroys a person’.

    Photographed in just a nappy, standing in his bathroom looking weak and physically in pain, Drake appears to be struggling with the vomiting side-effects of chemotherapy as he stands over the toilet.

    The exposing image is hard to look at and Drake’s mum goes on to explain the hardships that her ill son comes up against every day and what it’s like to care for him.

    Explaining that she has to carry Drake to the bathroom and that he struggles to ‘control his bathroom habits’ so he wears pull ups, his mum remarks on his weight loss and difficulty in eating.

    ‘This is skin and bones, because I have to beg him to eat ONE green bean for supper, or drink a cup of water throughout the day.

    ‘This is him, throwing up every medication I give him and him dry heaving because his stomach is empty except for the spoonful of yogurt I just gave him with his pills.

    Tragically, Drake’s mum recalls that he can no longer sleep alone as he fears he will die in the night without her.

    ‘This is having your son sleep with you at night because he is afraid of something happening and being alone, and by something I mean dying.

    ‘This is having middle of the night conversations with a ten year old, asking if he dies will he go to heaven and will he see his dad there and be able to talk and play with him.

    ‘This is him telling me, “mommy, I’m not going to make it”.

    ‘This is him telling me he is scared and thinks he won’t see his 11th birthday. This is him and me, telling him that I will continue to fight for him when he can’t. This is him and me, and our world.’

    In sentiments so many mums will relate to, the writer of the post tells of how since becoming pregnant, Drake has been her ‘whole world’.

    ‘From the moment I found out I was pregnant till future forever, he has been my reason for life. He is my smile, my love, my heartbeat.

    ‘He is also my tears, my heart ache, my frowns. He is my life.’

    Facebook users were overwhelmed by the emotional post, with thousands sharing messages of support and how they have been touched by this story.

    One Facebook user wrote, ‘I’m sitting here at work, tears just rolling down my face. There is nothing in this world I could say that would even express how much my heart goes out to your family and families like yours.’

    Another said, ‘I wish I could hug that little boy. And his momma too. I know it wouldn’t change a thing. But I hope she knows how many mommas are crying with her today.’