Mum shares terrifying warning about putting children correctly in their car seat

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  • A brave mum has shared a terrifying post about the importance of ensuring that your child is properly strapped in to their car seat.

    Taking to Facebook, the woman shared her horrifying tale of being caught up in a shocking car accident that left her vehicle flipped upside down in a swamp while her two year old son was in the back seat.

    Sharing a photograph of her car, which was totalled after the terrifying crash, the mum went on to explain that although her son escaped the crash unharmed, things might have been very different had she not ensured he was properly strapped in to his car seat.

    ‘Ensuring your child is in their car seat properly is not a matter of opinion. Its a matter of life and death!’ the brave mum began her post.

    ‘My two year old and I were driving home after being gone for a couple days. I picked him up from my parents house and left within 20 minutes to make the last 40 miles of the trip. In the time I was inside, it began snowing. Very quickly I could tell the roads were slick and visibility was low. We were driving on a state highway at night, mostly in the country.’

    ‘I was driving about 40 in a 60, wasn’t on my phone, and radio off so I could focus more. Jackson was sleeping in his car seat behind me. About 5 miles before we got home, my car fishtailed and we hit the ditch. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I think we flipped end over end and landed upside down in a swamp,’ she recalled.

    She went on to describe her terrifying escape with her young son: ‘There was no traffic, I was upside down hanging by my seatbelt and my son was crying in the back. By some miracle, my phone had not flown so I was able to call 911 right away. I got myself unbuckled and got Jackson out soon after. He stopped crying as soon as he was out of his car seat.’

    ‘Soon after someone saw us in the ditch and came to help us. No other help had arrived yet. We were stuck in the vehicle – doors wouldn’t open and water flowed in if the windows were opened. The passerby was able to open the back hatch of the van and get us out.’

    The mother went on to explain that her son’s car seat, and its proper use, had probably saved his life that fateful day.

    ‘By some miracle, we were both unharmed. Jackson’s car seat was right where it was supposed to be and he was right where I had buckled him. No coat, five point, snug as a bug. He didn’t even have marks from the steps after hanging upside down for 5 minutes!’

    ‘Without his car seat and it’s proper use, this day could have been much different for us. The car was totaled, but the Car seat looked as good as new and was still buckled in tight when we went the next to gather my things.’

    ‘It happened so fast. We were almost home. And I never thought it would be me that it happened to.’