Mum shares stark warning after daughter’s ‘horrific’ incident with blind cords

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  • A mum has taken to Facebook to share a stark warning after her two-year-old daughter ‘hung’ herself with blind cords.

    Lisa McKernan’s little girl, Ellen, got herself tangled and suffered ‘horrific’ neck and head injuries during the incident in August this year.

    The post, which has had 378 shares, starts with Lisa describing how she thought her daughter was asleep in bed. ‘It was well after her bedtime… and I was in the bath,’ she explained.

    However, after hearing a loud bang, Lisa dashed out of the bath in time to find her daughter with neck injuries and blood coming from her head.

    Ellen had managed to claw herself free from the cord, but slammed her head off the corner of the bed in the process.

    ‘I got straight out the bath and ran into the bedroom and I saw her neck and redness of it – and the cord of the blind was still swinging.

    ‘Her head was dripping with blood. It was a small puncture but quite deep. It bled for a while.’

    Lisa admitted that Ellen had never gone near the cords ‘before this horrible night’. When she caught a breath and began to cry her throat was hurt so badly she didn’t even sound like herself, I didn’t even recognise her sobs,’ she added.

    Talking to the BBC, the mum-of-five said she was speaking out as she wanted to raise awareness of the issue and that there was advice available about equipment that could prevent such accidents.

    ‘We cut off every cord from all the blinds that night – so there was no way the children could get access,’ she said.

    ‘I am just so glad Ellen is fine and I want to get the word out to people about how easy this is to happen.

    ‘This is an experience we would never wish on anyone and we are blessed to have her here with us today.’

    Commenters on the original post have thanked the mum for raising awareness of the issue, with one sayiing: ‘I cut all cords on my blinds over a year ago would advise any mummy’s or Nannies or family members to do the same’.

    ‘Just proves how easy it can happen and that it can happen to anyone,’ another agreed. ‘I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you to decide to share this but good on you! Awareness is key!!’