‘After losing 2 babies I question everything’ Mum shares pregnancy worries after miscarriage

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  • A pregnant mum has opened up about the added worry she feels for her unborn child after suffering two heartbreaking miscarriages in the past.

    Allie Boss, a mum-of-one from Utah, US, shared her struggle with worrying about her pregnancy after miscarrying twice before, and is encouraging others in a similar position to do the same.

    In a lengthy Facebook post she addresses the anxieties that every mother feels, but notes how especially hard it is after losing a child, ‘It’s hard being pregnant normally. I think it’s common to questions symptoms. But it’s 100xs worse after loss.

    ‘After losing 2 babies I question everything. Is that pain normal, why don’t I feel sick, is the baby growing right?…Times I get anxiety of losing another. Times I questions if this baby is going to grow full term.’

    For Allie, struggling with telling family and friends about her pregnancy was a big part of her anxiety. Being so happy about her news, she didn’t want to keep it a secret but knew it was traditional to stay quiet until after the first trimester, especially having experienced issues before.

    Allie Boss

    Pregnancy after miscarriage(s) can be a hard/weird thing. There’s emotions that come along with it that you never expected. After losing 2 babies I question everything. Is that pain normal, why don’t…

    But Allie made the decision to go public with her pregnancy at 8 weeks, because ‘You should never feel you have to hide a baby.. a precious life.. until after the first trimester.’

    Sharing her inspirational viewpoint, Allie reasoned that every day spent with her baby inside her was special and should be celebrated.

    ‘I questioned if we shared too early because what if something happened again? But here I am 8 weeks 5 days and I’m not going to hide it.

    ‘I want to celebrate everyday I carry this baby. Heaven forbid something happens. I’m going to celebrate, share and savor every single day. Because this baby deserves it.

    ‘Because I’m growing a precious longed for, prayed for and wanted life inside of me and that deserves to be celebrated from day one.’

    Signing her post off, Allie used some hashtags that others can join in with and continue to share their stories, ‘#pregnancyafterloss #rainbowbaby #ourmiraclebaby’.

    Allie Boss

    Allie Boss added a new photo – with Josh Boss.

    Allie’s post has since gone viral, being like nearly 3.5k times and has garnered over 500 shares. Mums from all over the world have found her optimism and positivity an inspiration, encouraging them to share their own stories.

    One Facebook user commented, ‘We just found out that we had lost the baby three days ago.

    ‘The D&C procedure is tomorrow and it’s time to say final good bye. My angel , thank you for the 62 days being with me. We will meet one day again in heaven’ while another wrote, ‘I have a 5yr old son and have had 3 miscarriages since his birth ❤ i go through these feelings on a daily basis. Its so hard!’.

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