‘Way to suck the joy!’ Mum is SLAMMED for encouraging kids to practise opening Christmas presents

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  • A mum has come under fire after admitting that she gets her kids to practise opening their Christmas presents before the big day.

    Posting on popular parenting forum Mumsnet as RenoSusan, the mum explained how she was tired of how ‘chaotic and unrewarding’ watching her kids tear into gifts had become, so she allowed them to practice ahead of the big day.

    But the mum was slammed by other Mumsnet users, who accused her of ‘pure w****ry’ and ‘sucking the joy’ out of the long-standing Christmas tradition.

    RenoSusan wrote in her post: ‘Last Christmas the family agreed that opening presents has become chaotic and unrewarding.

    ‘We told the three – 11yrs, 9 and 8 – that we were having a practise and they could open one gift if they learned how to do it.

    ‘First I opened a practise gift (a pair of socks) and read the card first and told everyone who gave it to me.

    ‘Then I opened the gift and held it up and said it was just what I wanted and the colour was perfect.

    ‘Then I thanked the person who gave it to me. I explained if it was a large gift I would jump up and hug that person. They loved me hugging myself.’

    She continued: ‘Then they got a turn. I told them if it was a stove mitt or a motorcycle, they had to follow the script. They took turns opening a gift and performed

    ‘All understand this is a show called “opening Christmas gifts” and they are participants. Doesn’t matter what the present is, the script is the same.’

    RenoSusan then said their ‘Christmas Day was much better’ and she hopes to help others with her tip.

    Though the mum seemed to mean well with the theory behind this practice, other Mumnsnet users were not in agreement.

    One post read: ‘Each to their own. Sounds boring and scripted to me though. I also hate people watching me opening presents – I feel under pressure to perform a certain way and even when I love a present, I feel like I display exaggerated behaviour.’

    While this user wasn’t convinced either: ‘I am all for some sort of order but your method does sound a little joyless to me! But if it works for you then that is great.’

    Though this user took a harder stance: ‘You sound ridiculous OP [original poster]. And your children must be a bit daft if they sat through that without thinking the same..’

    A fifth poster raged: ‘Hands down this is the biggest load of pure w****ry.’

    And this user couldn’t understand the need for the ‘performance’: ‘Do you think your idea is particularly new? – I am nearly 60 and have been opening presents with my family that way forever – without the w****ry of a ‘practice’ performance. It’s surely just good manners to open a gift nicely and thank the person (if they are in the room).’

    Another user simply exclaimed: ‘Blimey, way to suck all the joy out of Christmas Day.’

    What do you think? Is it a good idea or just plain ‘joy sucking’? Let us know in the comments box below.