Mum slams manager who told her to cover up and be ‘discreet’ while breastfeeding her baby

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  • A mum has taken to social media to shame the manager who called her out for breastfeeding her little girl in a restaurant.

    Sarah Olson, from the US, was astonished to find herself harassed by a man she’s interacted with numerous times at the restaurant – a Subway franchise inside a Walmart – since her baby’s arrival.

    ‘I’ve been feeding my daughter in the same place for FIVE MONTHS now, with the same manager working there, with no problem. We’ve actually gotten along well; he makes my boyfriend food that isn’t even on the menu’, she told Babble.

    After giving the family numerous ‘dirty looks’, the staff member approached the new mother’s boyfriend when she was in the bathroom to tell him he thought Sarah should be covered up while feeding.

    ‘I told him he cannot ask me that because it is against my civil rights, and against the law, and also his policy,’ she continued.

    ‘He proceeded to loudly tell me if it’s my legal right to “expose” myself, then he can just “whip his penis out and p*ss everywhere”.’

    Sarah then demanded to speak to the Walmart manager and was understandably very disappointed by his reaction.

    He told Sarah she was ‘a nuisance’ and said that she ‘needs to be discreet’ if she plans to continue breastfeeding her baby on the premises. The conversation left her deeply distressed.

    ‘It was a horrid mess. I cried for hours. All I wanted to do was feed my kid, and do some shopping, and I got absolutely humiliated,’ she admitted.

    Having asked her sister to film the exchange on her mobile phone, Sarah uploaded a clip to Facebook. Her story was later featured on a local news channel.

    ‘I wanted people to know this is the LAW, this is our right, and this is NATURAL,’ she said.

    ‘I really didn’t want to be on TV, but I felt I had to because I don’t want any other mum to feel as horrible as I did. Nobody should.’

    The owner of the Subway franchise later called Sarah to apologise for the treatment she’d received, promising to discipline those involved.