‘It’s absurd!’ Mum criticises parenting magazine’s tips on ‘waxing and plucking’ for three-year-olds

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  • A mum has slammed a parenting magazine for publishing an article that suggests ‘waxing and plucking’ a toddler’s upper lip.Blogger Sturdy Mum Central named and shamed the latest issue of Parents Magazine for highlighting the beauty treatments as ‘safe’ ways to get rid of unwanted moustache hair on little ones.

    Sharing the screenshot of the article on her Instagram account, the mum explained how angry it made her, begging the question ‘what is this teaching our children?’

    The mum-of-one wrote a full caption saying: ‘I am APPALLED at @parents magazine for this article stating that it is okay to wax or pluck your PRESCHOOLER’S “mustache.” The featured picture even makes me angry. What is this teaching our young children about appearances? It is absurd!’

    The article is entitled ‘Normal or Not: Hair on a Preschooler’s Upper Lip’ and featured a photo of a toddler holding a fake moustache over her mouth.

    It explained how almost every child has hair on their upper lip, and thick and coarse hair on a little boy or little girl in that area is ‘only a problem when it starts to impact their happiness and self-esteem.’

    The article goes on to advise parents to take their child to a doctor to see if there is a ‘hormonal imbalance’.

    If there isn’t a hormonal imbalance the article suggests ways of getting rid of it.

    It goes on to suggest carefully cutting the strands with scissors, or waxing and plucking for ‘kids who can handle the discomfort.’

    Chatting to Yahoo Lifestyle the mum blogger said: ‘This is in the current issue of Parents magazine. I just received it in the mail this week.

    ‘I love Parents magazine but I was appalled when I saw this. What is this teaching about body image? And for preschool?’

    What do you think? Would you ever agree with waxing a toddler’s upper lip? Let us know in the comment box below.