Mum sparks debate over ‘inappropriate’ topless woman sunbather at family resort

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  • A mum has divided the internet after claiming topless sunbathers should cover up when in front of children.

    Taking to the popular parenting site Mumsnet the poster admitted that she was annoyed by a woman who took off her bikini top to lounge by the pool at a family resort.

    While she had some murmurs of agreement from fellow parents on the site, agreeing that she was right for being ‘annoyed’, not everyone was on board.

    Most of the parent’s thought she was overreacting – going on to argue that she wouldn’t react to a topless man in the same way.

    It was in the initial post, which read: ‘We are on holiday in a family resort in a sunny country.

    ‘There is a lady who keeps ending up on the sun loungers opposite us, who seems to enjoy lying topless by the pool everyday.

    ‘She has a son who looks about 15, and a daughter who looks about 5.’

    The anonymous mother went on to explain how she thinks it’s inappropriate to sunbathe topless in full view of everyone and right by the toddler pool, especially in view of her own son.

    She went on to ask: ‘Am I being unreasonable in feeling uncomfortable and wishing she’s cover up?’

    And it was that simple question which sparked a huge debate, with over 500 users responding.

    One user advised her to have a drink and ignore the sunbather: ‘Eh, yeah… you’re off your rocker to be honest. Have a cocktail and relax on your holiday.’

    Another commented: ‘Unless she is dangling her nipples in your cocktail or slapping your husband in the face with her boobs then I fail to see the problem.’

    A third simply said: ‘You are being unreasonable I’m afraid,’ with another pointing out: ‘maybe the lady would appreciate you’re not looking and stressing about her?’

    Though, despite the majority disagreeing with the original poster, certain mothers admitted they shared her opinion but were self-confessed ‘prudes’.

    Another posted: ‘I wouldn’t hugely like someone sunbathing topless in a family resort. I am very prudish though.’

    What do you think? Should the topless sunbather cover up at a family resort? Let us know in the comments box below.