‘Is it wrong?’ Mum sparks online debate after dressing her 10-week-old son in a dress

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  • A mum has sparked a huge online debate after asking other parents if it’s ‘wrong’ to dress her 10-week-old baby boy in a dress.

    The Mumsnet user took to the popular forum site to ask the opinions of other mums on dressing her little boy in dresses, claiming she doesn’t want to conform to ‘gender society crap’.

    The user, known only as, ‘Isthereanyusernamesleft’, began a thread asking, ‘I think dresses are lovely & as I don’t follow this gender society crap of girls wear dresses & pink & boys wear blue & trousers… I don’t see the issue in putting my DS in a dress.

    ‘However, everyone else thinks it’s wrong! Is it??’

    The question prompted a flurry of responses from other users, with many holding contrasting opinions on the matter.

    One user suggested that the behaviour could confuse her son, saying, ‘Don’t be the cause of your son growing up confused with a few issues Op. Indulge your fetish for dresses on a doll perhaps?’

    Another felt that wearing dresses should be something that her son had a choice in, ‘[You are being unreasonable]. You’re making a decision that he has no say over. Quite an important one actually.’

    For some users, it was more a question of practicality than anything else.

    One user said, ‘Dresses are impractical for babies anyway. He’s tiny – put him in a sleepsuit so he’s comfortable.’

    Whilst another agreed, ’10 weeks? Just babygros. Why would you bother with any other clothes. Dresses are horribly impractical and uncomfortable. Until they are walking.’

    However some users thought that it was a mother’s choice to dress their baby in whatever they like, saying, ‘Yes, stick him in a dress if you want. Additional benefit is that it’ll make nappy changing easier!’

    Another user agreed, ‘Do what you like. I agree with you that it doesn’t matter what babies wear in terms of gender norms, although for the sake of the baby I think the clothes should be comfortable.’

    Do you think it’s okay to dress a 10-week-old baby boy in a dress? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box below!

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