'Is this utterly grim?' Woman starts nappy changing debate after fellow mum changes baby's nappy on cafe table

'Grim grim grim.'

A mum has sparked a huge debate online about where is and isn't an acceptable place to change a baby's nappy, after witnessing another mum change her baby on a cafe table.

Mumsnet user 'Catsize' took to the popular forum to ask the opinion of other mothers after being shocked to see a baby's nappy being changed next to her in a cafe.

Catsize described how she had 'treated' herself to a nice lunch in a gallery cafe, but was not impressed when she was confronted with a dirty nappy halfway through her jacket potato.

'So, I usually grab something quick and cheap for lunch but decided to treat myself to a nice baked spud in an art gallery cafe.

'Half way through said spud, and perusing MN, I looked up to see that the people on the table nearby were changing a baby's nappy on the table where they'd just eaten.'

The mum-of-two continued to explain the conversation that ensued between herself and the woman changing the nappy.

'My face must have been a bit of a picture because one of the women looked at me as if to say 'what?'. Feeling I had to justify myself, I said "it's just that it's a bit grim changing a baby's nappy on a cafe table".

'The woman doing the changing asked if I was a mum. Instead of saying "what difference would that make?", I said I had two children. She said she didn't realise I was watching(?). I said it was more of a hygiene thing, but yes, it had put me off my lunch somewhat.'

The mother of the baby disagreed with Catsize and replied 'it's only a bit of wee'.

Asking other forum users for their opinion, Catsize said, 'so, was I being unreasonable hygiene thing and it is "only a bit of wee", or is this utterly grim?'

Catsize pointed out that the area of the cafe was quiet at the time, but there were toilets near by.

'For clarity, this was in an area out of sight of the staff and I was the only other customer in that area.

'The loos were ten paces away, full changing facilities and pristine.'

Mumsnet users replied with contrasting views, with some agreeing that it is not hygienic to change a baby on a cafe table.

'It's disgusting, unhygienic and puts people off their food. I just don't get why people think this is okay.'

'Grim grim grim. Takes seconds to go to the baby change area provided.'

Some mums who also work in hospitality pointed out that they wouldn't let a customer do that in their restaurant.

'Didn't the staff do anything?? I'd tell a customer to leave immediately if they did that in my café.'

'I run a restaurant and this happens more often that you might think (I always say something).'

But some mums felt that as the nappy was just wet, it wasn't a big deal.

One user said, 'Wouldn't bother me. I doubt a wee nappy would touch the surface of the table and contaminate things and they get wiped between customers or i would wipe it with a wet wipe if i did it.

'I have changed a wet nappy on my lap in a cafe once and at the last MN meet up i changed my baby's nappy on the pub table. We were in a function room tho so only the MNers could see and they assured me they wouldn't start a thread about me!'

Another agreed, 'is really not on & I wouldn't do it myself, but if it's a small baby & 'just a wee' (the changing preferably being done on a changing mat) I couldn't get that vexed about it. People put bags etc on tables and they're far dirtier than a changing mat or the outside of a nappy. However, if there are good, clean, facilities available then there's just no need. As for 'seeing' a bairns 'wee' nappy being changed, what's the big deal?'

Would you change your baby on a table in a restaurant or cafe? Share your view in the comment box below!