Mum shaves her head in support of daughter battling brain cancer

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  • Faith May Beckstead has been battling brain cancer for a while, and had surgery on July 22nd to remove the tumour that was putting pressure on her optic nerve and destroying her pituitary gland at the same time. Because of this, part of Faith’s hair had to be shaved off.

    Naturally, little Faith wasn’t very pleased about her new haircut, so her mum Jaime took a brave step to try and make her feel better by shaving a piece of her own hair off in exactly the same place as her daughter’s.

    Love What Matters shared the heart-warming story and photos in a Facebook post that has reached over 18k likes and almost a thousand shares, detailing the incredible story.

    ‘Every superhero has a side kick who picks them up, dusts them off, and makes them feel stronger then ever.

    ‘Faith was feeling a little down when she noticed they had to shave some of her hair to remove her tumor. In true side kick fashion Faith’s mom, Jamie Dawn Beckstead, went home during a shift swap and came back looking just like Faith! Judging by her smile she loves it!’

    As well as all the likes and shares, many Facebook users also commented showing their support, with some people even posting their own shaved heads and stitches after cancer-related surgery.

    ‘Beautiful. I had this same surgery in November, and I recommend lots and lots of TLC- and maybe a little ice cream. Much love to you both and prayers for quick healing!!’ wrote Annika on Facebook.

    Jaime was so grateful for all the positive reactions, as she commented on the post: ‘I am Faiths mommy and can’t thank you all enough. I am beyond humbled and grateful to every single person here praying and sending well wishes. May God bless each one of you for your kindness.’

    Seeing so much love and support is truly uplifting – we wish little Faith the best of luck in her battle against cancer and we hope she makes a swift recovery!