Mum tells her six-year-old daughter to kick bullies ‘in the business’

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  • Teaching our children how to deal with bullies is always a tricky subject, but one mum has taken an unconventional approach to the issue by telling her daughter to kick bullies ‘in the business’.

    Mandi Castle took to her blog to explain that her little girl told her that two boys ‘hit her butt’ in the playground, and when she told them to stop it they called her ‘chubby’ and laughed.

    The mum listened to her six-year-old patiently, but when she said that her plan was to hide next time to avoid the boys, something changed.

    ‘No. You will not let two boys ruin your free time,’ she told her daughter. ‘If they do that tomorrow, you say “Keep you hands off of me”. If they do not stop, you tell a teacher.’

    ‘If they continue to bother you, you turn around and step on their feet, or kick them in the shins or their business, and if you get in trouble you tell your teacher to give me a call.’

    Speaking to Huffpost UK, Mandi said of the advice she’d given: ‘Hearing my daughter tell me that a boy touched her bottom and then called her fat when she told him to stop filled me with anger because I understood how she felt.’

    She went on to reveal that she felt that this was an opportunity to teach her daughter how to handle these situations.

    ‘The more I thought about it, I realised that I never felt empowered growing up to fight back,’ the mum continued. ‘Instead, I laughed off the behaviour as ‘boys will be boys’ or I just ignored it.’

    Since posting the blog, her decision has gone viral and Mandi has had a huge response from parents agreeing with the recommendation that she’d passed down.

    ‘So many women have reached out to me thanking me for speaking out about this because they have had similar experiences and didn’t stick up for themselves. Mums and dads alike have been very supportive of the message,’ she said.

    ‘We have to teach our sons and our daughters at a very young age that nobody is allowed to touch their body without their consent, and in return, they cannot touch another.

    ‘But when it happens, their body is theirs, and they have the right to defend themselves. Stop means stop, and no means no at any age.’

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