Mum shares touching post highlighting the importance of the McDonald’s foundation for sick children and their families

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  • A mum is trying to raise awareness of the charity organisation set up by McDonald's after fearing many people don’t know enough about it.

    Becky Lee highlighted just how important the Ronald McDonald House Charities are after revealing how they stepped in and offered her a comfortable place to stay when her daughter Courtney was taken ill to Manchester Children’s Hospital.

    Sharing her story on social media, Becky explained how many people ‘ignore’ the charity boxes in McDonald’s stores, ‘not out of rudeness, but because they don’t know what it’s for’.

    She said: ‘The Ronald McDonald House is where I stayed when Courtney was in hospital. You get 2 beds, a kitchen, an ensuite bathroom and a 30 second walk from Manchester children’s Hospital, all for £25 (which may I point out is optional to donate at the end of your stay meaning that you could walk away paying absolutely nothing).

    Explaining how she spent five weeks away from her family and friends and two weeks sleeping on a fold-out bed, Becky said it was the charity who stepped in and gave her ‘a little bit of hope and support’ when she was ‘at almost breaking point’.

    She added: ‘Having a sick child and alone is so mentally draining. I had somewhere to eat at last and a shower! I am even allowed to take Courtney out of the hospital to sit in the beautiful gardens and play rooms.

    ‘This is what this charity box is for! Even if you throw 1p, 2p or 5p in there when you’re given your change, it all adds up to helping thousands of families each year to stay close to their poorly babies.’

    According to their website, the Ronald McDonald House Charities’s mission is to keep families with sick children together and near the care and resources they need.

    Parents commented on the post sharing their own experiences with the charity, while others admitted they had been ‘ignorant’ about it.

    One said: ‘I hold my hands up to being ignorant about this charity. I will certainly be helping out as this could have been me in the past, no family support at all and all alone with chn in hospital. Tough times knowing there is help out there! Thank you.’

    While another said: ‘I always put change in there and never knew this, might even put another couple quid in now.’

    A third commented: ‘Totally agree with you, I stayed in the Bristol house when my little boy was born and it was such a god send, it was like a home from home and it meant my other children were able to spend a little bit of time with me away from the hospital stresses and environment until we were able to come home otherwise I would have been away from them for three weeks. This is such a worthy cause and we always put our change in there when we are in.’