Mum urges Lego to make one very important change after her son almost dies

One little detail saved her son's life

A mum's request for Lego to make one small change to their products is going viral on Facebook, after her son almost died.

Laura Deena Halls shared the terrifying story of how she almost lost her son after he choked on a piece of Lego on Facebook, and now the post is going viral.

The mum was told by doctors that a tiny hole in the Lego piece was what saved her son's life, so Laura is urging Lego to put small holes in all their pieces, which could mean the difference between life and death in situations like this.

In the post, she recounts how she feared for her son's life when she saw him struggling after he accidently swallowed a piece of Lego.

According to Laura, the eight year old was playing and, like many other children, decided to use his teeth to separate two Lego pieces. The piece then went down his throat, making it hard for him to breathe.

The boy recovered and was still able to breathe, but the piece was still inside him so they called an ambulance and went to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxfordshire.

There he had an x-ray, and even though Laura was hoping the piece had gone into her son's digestive system, the exam showed the piece was lodged in the tube of his right lung.

According to doctors, a small hole in the Lego piece was allowing air to come in but it was struggling to come out. That 'tiny life-saving hole' was what saved Laura's son life, by allowing him to still get air through.

The eight year old had to have emergency surgery to remove the piece from his lungs and is now on steroids to reduce swelling of the lung and throat.

The post has been shared over 3000 times, with many other parents sharing the same concerns over Lego pieces.

Laura also says she does not blame Lego for what happened, and is also asking parents to reiterate to children the dangers of putting small toys in their mouthes, no matter their age.

'I don't blame Lego. I do think though that all Lego pieces should have a little hole for that and the fast actions of the staff here in hospital saved my boys life yesterday,' Laura wrote.

'We went to hell and back yesterday, we thought at 8 and a half we'd drummed into him no lego in his mouth but that one split decision could've had tragic consequences.'


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