How this woman made a mum’s day with ‘just a look’ will melt your heart

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  • One mum’s message to another woman has gone viral after she explained on Facebook how she unknowingly helped her with ‘just a look’.

    In the post mum-of-one Maya Alderman explains that because she suffers with anxiety, taking her little boy shopping can be stressful for her. Addressing the other mother who was in the shop at the time she says, ‘when I walked past you with my son–who on that morning chose a fuchsia rose headband to wear with his Batman flip flops–as he pulled me towards the Barbie section, I saw you. I saw the look.’

    She goes to reveal that she finds going places with her son ‘difficult’ sometimes because she worries about what people will think of him. ‘I think of the stares and the thoughts people are thinking about him. He, thankfully, does not notice or care’ she writes.

    Maya then explains that on that particular day her and her little boy were going to buy a Barbie for him, because he had saved up his money. She says she passed the other woman in the ‘aisle filled with trucks and action figures’ and admits that, ‘you probably didn’t notice me catch my breath as we approached your family in that aisle, wondering what my reaction would be should you or one of your sons point and laugh. But I noticed you. I saw you.’

    Contrary to what she thought the family might do Maya says the other mum looked down at her little boy, who was still wearing his pink headband, and smiled at him before smiling at her own boys.

    She finishes the post by saying that moment helped her, and thanking the other mum. She explains the moment as a ‘mum-to-mum’ high five and says there were ‘no words exchanged, no hand gestures… Just a smile and a small reassurance that maybe – just maybe – it’s all going to be alright.’

    ‘Thank you for noticing my son and making sure your boys saw that his differences were just fine with you. Thank you for giving me the look.’