Mum issues warning after son suffers second-degree burns from trainers that leaked chemical on his feet

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  • A mum has issued a warning after her nine-year-old son suffered second-degree burns after his light-up trainers leaked a chemical over his feet.

    Sherry Foster, from New York, took to Facebook to show off the damage that a pair of Skechers S-Light shoes did to her son Peyton after the battery malfunctioned when they got wet, causing them to leak fluid.

    ‘Apparently when they get wet the batteries release a chemical causing children’s feet to burn,’ she captioned an image of Peyton’s blistered feet.

    The mid-sole of the Sketchers S-Light contain lights which flash different colours when activated. Some of the shoes also have a USB port installed and come with a USB cable so customers can recharge them.

    Admitting she didn’t realise anything was wrong at first, Sherry was horrified to discover that Peyton’s feet were bright red and blistering after he started to complain that his feet were sore following a day of water activity at his school.

    ‘He did not complain to his teacher. He waited until the next day until he came home to tell us,’ she told Metro US.

    ‘The day it happened, he came home and said “My feet hurt.” They were a little bit red; I didn’t think anything of it – maybe that they were cold from playing in the water. The next day he came home and was really complaining.

    Sherry Foster

    Peyton has 2nd degree chemical burns from his sketcher lightable shoes. apparently when they get wet the batteries release a chemical causing children’s feet to burn. THANK You Dr Jordon for taking…

    ‘That’s when we decided, okay, what do we do, so we took him to the doctor… He had second degree chemical burns.’

    The pain was so bad that Peyton could not walk for a few days. He was given an antibiotic cream to apply to the blisters on the bottom of his feet before moving onto a steroid cream.

    ‘He was in quite a bit of pain,’ she added. ‘He wasn’t able to walk, or run, or go swimming, or anything that would cause his feet further irritation.’

    Sherry revealed that Peyton has been so distraught over the ordeal that it has left him ‘with a phobia of wearing shoes.’

    ‘He’s worried and stuff. He’s nine, so he understands a little bit better,’ she said. ‘If it had happened to another child, or someone younger, it could be even more stressful for them. It’s left him with a phobia of wearing shoes.’

    Sherry has since been in touch with Skechers, who have offered Peyton any free replacement pair. But she admits she is still considering legal action.

    Skechers told that they have been in contact with Sherry and are giving the incident the ‘highest priority’.

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