‘Very very dangerous’ Mum warns about bassinet lining after baby’s toe got caught and lost ‘a lot of blood’

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  • Erin Duffy has shared a post warning fellow parents to be extra vigilant after her baby caught his toe on the lining of his basin and lost 'a lot of blood'.

    Any mother would be alarmed if they went to check on their newborn and saw a large blood stain.

    Erin was getting ready to give Parker a feed as he had just woken up but when she picked him up from the bassinet she saw pools of blood on the sides and instantly panicked.

    Writing on Facebook Erin explained: ‘Warning, feel free to share. My mum brought my son Parker [his] bassinet from bigw, It has breathing holes in it on the sides to help the air flow and to prevent SIDS I’m guessing.

    ‘This morning Parker had just woken up at about 11 and I went and got he’s bottle ready and then sat with him, I was on the phone to mum and didn’t notice anything at the start until I went to pick him up. I then saw a massive amount of blood all over him, he’s blanket and he’s bassinet.’

    Erin’s mum came over to the house and took Parker to the hospital as quickly as possible. They later discovered that Parker had got his toe stuck in one of the holes in the side which cut his skin.

    The mum now wants to share her experience to warn other parents and ensure they know how to react accordingly.

    Erin explained: ‘I never even thought of something like that happening and I thought it was a good idea having the holes to help the air flow but not now. Very very dangerous. Although Parker’s cut wasn’t big at all he lost a lot of blood which is very strange for a 6 week old baby and even the doctor said it was strange.’

    Reassuringly Erin confirmed that her son was okay now, but she was understandably very shaken by the whole situation. She said: ‘He’s okay now and is very happy sleeping. Definitely will be keeping socks on Parker every night to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I will be messaging bigw and the bassinet company to inform them that it’s a safety hazard.’

    She urges parents to make sure their little one is wearing socks or has their feet covered if their bassinet has holes that could cause injury.