Mum warns about dangers of phone chargers after daughter suffers electrical burn

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  • A mum has issued a warning to other parents on Facebook about leaving phone chargers within children’s reach after her daughter suffered an electrical burn.

    Courtney Davis, from Kentucky in the US, took to Facebook to share the scary ordeal, where she explained how she usually keeps her phone charger out of reach of her daughter Gabby.

    However, because she was having a busy day, the mum left her phone plugged in to charge within reach of her 19-month-old daughter, who stuck it in her mouth.

    Image: Facebook/Courtney N Davis

    ‘Any other day my charger wouldn’t have been plugged up in her reach but bc of a bunch of stuff going on that day I didn’t have time to move it. It took all of a few seconds for her to get burned. She had never tried to put it in her mouth and she had never messed with it. The one day it isn’t moved she stuck it in her mouth and got a severe burn,’ the mum wrote.

    Courtney had to take her daughter to the doctor, who confirmed that she had suffered an electrical burn in her mouth.

    ‘We went to the Dr who confirmed that it was an electrical burn there was nothing they could put on it due to her being able to lick it. She doesn’t feel it thank God hasn’t acted like it bothers her at all.’

    In the post, where Courtney also shared shocking pictures of the burn, she said she decided to share what happened to Gabby because she thinks many parents aren’t aware of the dangers of phone chargers.

    ‘I wasn’t going to post about this until I posted in a mom group and found out many parents don’t think twice about the danger of a phone charger around children.

    ‘Parents, Grandparents, babysitters etc please put your chargers up out of reach. My daughter was lucky the next kid may not be as lucky as her’, she wrote in the Facebook warning, which has now had over 300k shares.

    Many other parents have taken to the comments to thank Courtney for sharing her ordeal, with one saying: ‘Oh my gosh I’m going to have to watch my grandson he goes everywhere in his walker now.’

    ‘Im old school so I always worry about anything plugged in with a little one around. So grateful She’s not any worse and great for sharing so others will know it can happen,’ another agreed.

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