Mum warns parents of dangerous condition that can develop ‘within hours’

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  • A mum whose six-week-old daughter had to be hospitalised has issued a warning to parents about a ‘bloody dangerous’ condition that can develop ‘within hours’.

    Sharing the warning on Facebook, Beth Foster explained how her baby daughter started to develop a cough but it quickly developed into bronchiolitis, the same condition that led Peter Andre and Emily’s son Theo to hospital last year too.

    She wrote: ‘Parents with baby/small children. Please be aware of bronchiolitis this winter, its so easily missed and so bloody dangerous. It starts with just a simple cough and cold and can turn to so much more within hours.

    ‘Myah was using muscles in her tummy to help her to breath that she shouldn’t even be using to breath. I’ve never seen a baby’s tummy pumping so fast fighting for the breaths, and I’ve never been so scared.’

    The mum then says she took her daughter to the doctors, who ‘prescribed some eye drops for a gunky eye’, but the cough returned a few days later.

    ‘On Saturday whilst at a Christmas party she had a coughing fit and her face turned purple for around 15 seconds. I phoned 111 who got us an out of hours aptmt in which the doctor sent us straight to the hospital,’ Beth wrote.

    ‘When I arrived they checked Myahs sats and 3 nurses ran off with her to immediately get her straight on oxygen, I was told they’re surprised she didn’t end up in an ambulance.’

    The mum then goes on to confess that she never though her daughter’s cough meant she had a serious condition, and she is now facing between three and seven days in hospital.

    ‘We had no clue how serious this all was until that point. She’s 6 weeks old today, and we’re looking at anything between 3 & 7 days in hospital hooked up to lots of machines, on the high dependency unit in the children’s ward, on oxygen, feeding tubes and having to be sedated just to get some sleep.

    ‘There is nothing more heart breaking. Even if your baby has a slight cough or cold, just get checked out. Please spread awareness as before all this we didn’t even know what bronchiolitis was. Feel free to share.’

    The mum’s warning resonated with many parents, and has had over 20k shares so far, after she posted it on Sunday.

    ‘My little girl had this she was so poorly for a week it was so scary. Hope your little one gets better soon,’ one commented.

    Another said: ‘I know this feeling too well! My son spent 2 months on a life support at 3 weeks old due to bronchiolitis. Heart breaking.’

    Bronchiolitis is a common lower respiratory tract infection, which affects babies and young children under two years old, and starts with the symptoms of a common cold – such as a runny nose and cough.

    While it’s usually mild and doesn’t require treatment, some cases may be more severe – like when a baby has difficulty breathing – and need hospital treatment.

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