‘This trivialises rape’ Mum sparks debate online after sharing image of controversial babygrow

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  • A mum has sparked debate online after posting a picture of a babygrow that she considers to be ‘gross’ and ‘cringe’.

    The mum known as ‘jarhead123’ took to Mumsnet to share an image of the babygrow and explained exactly why she disapproves of it.

    The image in question showed a white babygrow with black writing emblazoned across the front spelling out the words, ‘All mummy wanted was a back rub’.

    Jarhead123 captioned her post, ‘Am I being unreasonable to think this is gross?! Cringe!.

    The forum user did not reveal where the item was from or when the picture was taken in her original post.

    Forum users flooded the post with comments, with some taking huge offence to the slogan written on the baby suit.

    Image: Mumsnet

    One user exclaimed their shock at what could be considered a dark joke for children’s clothing, saying, ‘Oh my god. Why? Why would you put that slogan on a baby?’

    Another user agreed, calling the item of clothing ‘rank’ before pointing out the reference to sex, ‘Bleargh! I’m a bit of a fan of ‘unacceptable’ baby stuff. Lots of DSs stuff had skull and crossbones/ bands on. But to put a direct reference to sex on a baby’s clothes?? Ugghh just no. It’s rank!’

    A third user explored the theme even further, expressing that they felt there was a link to rape, ‘Apart from the grossness of sex references on kids’ clothes, this actually seems to be saying that someone was raped!? Horrific.’

    As did a fourth, ‘If ‘Mommy’ did not want sex, then she was raped. This trivialises rape and that is never okay. How are these things allowed to exist.’

    However, some users felt that these accusations were misplaced. One user said they didn’t agree with some of the comments from other mums, ‘I didn’t think rape, but I did think unplanned.’

    One user even admitted to buying the baby grow themselves, ‘Umm…….. i bought this as a gag gift for fathers day. My husband will find it funny.’

    A third user challenged the idea that this was offensive, feeling that the clothing was intended as a joke, ‘Ffs. Does no one on here realise that they are meant as gag gifts! They do not make it seem like the mother was raped. Regarding the comments about the type of person that would buy them, I’m a professional in my 30s with two degrees. Really….this is what offends you!’

    Would you let your child wear this babygrow? Would you consider it as a joke or a much more serious message? Tell us your thoughts in the comment box.

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