‘Mums need a break too’: Blogger praised for posting honest reasons why mums NEED time away from their kids

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  • A mum has received praise from other parents around the world, after revealing why she needs a break from her kids occasionally in a refreshingly honest Facebook post.

    Blogger and mum-of-four Constance Hall, who is currently on a holiday without her kids, wrote about the reasons why she, and all mums, needed time away from her children.

    She acknowledges that it isn’t so much because of the jobs parents have to do, but the relentlessness of the tasks involved in looking after kids. ‘We need breaks because of the relentlessness.

    ‘Because knowing that tomorrow there will be seven more piles of dishes today. Because knowing that tonight, tomorrow night and every night for the foreseeable future… there will be no sleep again.’

    The post goes on to talk about why mums needed breaks so that they can be proper mums: ‘Mums need breaks so that we can: Mum properly. Love properly. Live properly. #mumbreaks’

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    It seems that her followers love her honesty, with nearly 50,000 people liking her post and many thousands sharing it. Other parents found it relatable, with many sharing their stories of relentlessness when it came to looking after their kids.

    ‘I’m a mum of five kids and it starts at 6am in the morning,’ one mother wrote. ‘Drop off to school, come home whole day doing house work, then school pick up. Then living in a zoo until bedtime, then try and get sleep and then do everything all over again the next day lol [sic], would love some mum time,’ shared one mum on the Facebook post.

    Another parent also shared her reasons why she needed a break from looking after her children: ‘My fiance gave me the most epic look when I told him I was in need of a break. The look he gave said “What do you mean you need a break? Your whole life is a break while you’re at home with the kidlet!”‘

    The Mummy blogger, who appeared on Australian Big Brother in 2005 before she started her family, has also written a book as an off-shoot from her blog, called ‘Like a Queen’.

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